Break: A break in the relationship

Break; what are the types? Interruption and decoding of this concept. The article will discuss the reasons and rules of conduct for the announced decision of the couple. This information is accompanied by suggestions for actions during the end of an affair. A break in the relationship between a man and a woman is typical; when lovers have lost mutual understanding, the couple decides to leave temporarily. People themselves have the right to determine the future of their relationship. However, it is worth realizing how profitable the proposed decision is to understand the reasons for its appearance and ways out of the crisis.

Reasons for needing a relationship break

Specialists in personal psychology have studied this process, where communication between couples stops. At some stage in a love story, alienation can arise, leading to having to be without each other.

Taking a break from a relationship does not always mean a final break. Still, it can be hazardous for the relationship between a man and a woman. Loving hearts do not need rest from each other. Still, sometimes life dictates its circumstances and destroys the previous harmonious relationships.

The origin of the problem can be various situations because sometimes it is impossible to plan life well. Psychologists consider the following factors the main reasons for a break in a relationship:

  • The disappearance of romance … It sounds strange. Still, people also like the initial stage of a love story, when passion flares up between representatives of opposite sexes. However, day-to-day life and gray day-to-day life can dampen the spirit of any relationship. Over time, one of the partners (in some cases both) desires to stop the romance that has begun temporarily. This necessity is claimed to maintain a relationship by resting from each other for the benefit of both lovers.
  • Uncertainty in partners … Not everyone fully trusts their loved ones and relatives because there are no ideal people. Their support is critical to us, but sometimes in difficult situations, great disappointment comes from the inaction of others we trust. In addition, a partner can have a windy character, which does not strengthen the relationship. Therefore, there is a desire to temporarily isolate oneself from an emotionally unstable person to understand the current situation.
  • Regular fights … Not a single love affair is painted with tantrums and constant showdowns. A man in conflict can eventually tire his soulmate, leading her to want to take time off. If the partner is aggressive simultaneously, then the matter can end with a complete break in the future.
  • Treason … Not every person can approach the event that has happened constructively. It is difficult for angry people to control themselves when emotions run high and despair takes hold of those affected. The cheater remains dear both in soul and body. Still, a particular decision is often made by the person who has long been influenced.
  • Passion for another person … Some people ask for a break in their relationship because they are attracted to another potential partner. Not yet wholly cooled down to former passion parts, they are trying to kill two birds with one stone. As a result, they cannot leave anything behind because if a man is in love with two at once, he does not seriously like anyone.
  • In a stressful situation … Not in all cases do people try to share their problems with others. Isolated and silly individuals try to quit their jobs and independently solve the issue. To do this, they need a break from the relationship so that emotional people can sort out their thoughts and feelings.
  • Lack of trust in feelings … A similar phenomenon applies to both men and women, which corresponds to human nature. Sometimes it is difficult for us to understand whether the chosen one is needed or if it is a temporary hobby. Passion can burn out quickly, cause disappointment, and end romantic feelings.

Among the reasons for taking a break from love affairs, there are many reasons for the eventual breakdown of the relationship. Before performing such an act, you need to consider the action’s potential consequences. We can quickly lose, and sometimes it is difficult to return a dear person with a careless initiative.

Many types of breaks in relationships

There are many options for taking a break in a relationship, which are not always completely different from each other.

 The most common options for personal knowledge, experts refer to the following types of breaks in the relationship:

  • Pause observation … Some people who do not trust their partner arrange a similar test for him. They want to test the seriousness of the chosen one’s thoughts regarding themselves and the prospect of a collective future. Such an experiment can end as you like, but not always with a positive result for the future couple.
  • A break is necessary … In some cases, it is required to separate for a while under all circumstances to save the relationship. Conflict is best dealt with. You can always do something stupid, but you must consider the consequences of irresponsible actions.
  • Pause-Despair … With cheating, it’s hard to keep your emotions in check when the wounds of betrayal have settled into your soul. In the case of partner abuse, there is also a desire to flee to the ends of the earth from the abuser. Despair sometimes plays a cruel joke on couples who can introduce a variant of the “third excess” type into their relationship.
  • Pause protest … This type of temporary separation is often visible. In the subsequent violent dispute, one comrade slams the door loudly and waits to be chased after him with a prayer of forgiveness. The expectation does not always come true, so it is necessary to consider such actions carefully.

Important! It will not always restore relationships after a break, so it is worth doing such sudden actions only as a last resort. To break is not to build, so one should not subject a love relationship to severe tests without good reasons for this on both sides.

How to take a break from a relationship

Many people get lost if their spouses have a misunderstanding and their relationship turns into a love drama. They cannot understand what a break in relationship means and where it leads. You also need to be able to separate for a while so that there is no final break between the beloved. The issue of equality is also essential in this case because members of the opposite sex react differently to such situations.

If the initiator of the temporary break with the chosen one is a man

Females are less likely to abandon the origin of previously thrived pairs. Representatives of the more vigorous sex do this much more often when they want to shift responsibility for the current situation to the fragile shoulders of the chosen one.

Men often consider whether a break is needed in relationships and how to respond to women’s whims. However, suppose the potentially chosen one evaluates his relationship and initially sees an impending conflict. In that case, he should convey to his loved ones the rules of temporarily suspending intimate relations in the following way:

  • Analyzing your behavior … It is necessary to clearly understand the fact after the beloved coldness appears in a fixed relationship. If the reason for the voice is grave, then a break is needed so that more critical grounds for final separation do not arise. Therefore, the woman should know why she should avoid further contact shortly.
  • Clear priorities … Men are usually more challenging when deciding because they sometimes find it less painful to lose previous feelings. Suppose the woman of the heart is dear to the representative of the more vigorous sex. In that case, you need to make her understand that this is not the end of the relationship but just a timely and logical break. In the case of entirely cooling feelings towards some exciting woman in the past, it is necessary to specify this precisely for her. Every person has the right to a happy life, and it is not worth taking precious time away from him for vain hopes in the form of “happily far away.”
  • Duration of discussion … For women, such a proposal will seem long. Still, it makes it possible to build a model for the future behavior of the couple. The sentence “let’s divorce for a month” means nothing but carries a significant semantic load. The lady will be warned about the terms of the contract and agrees to wait for the end of the sentence. It is not a fact that the period of so-called punishment does not end earlier because the woman herself can stop being interested in her ex-partner.
A break in the relationship
A break in the relationship

If the initiator breaks the relationship is a woman.

The fairer sex often intuitively perceives the danger that threatens the mutual understanding of the couple.

 Based on the statistics of well-known experts, they must be right when they temporarily say “no” to their man:

  • Preparation … Don’t shock your soul mate with a request if she’s not ready for it. From a distance and tasteful, it is necessary to explain to your man that some postponement in the relationship is required. For more convincing, you can cite a familiar couple whose break in the relationship brought them a little closer together.
  • Good time … In no case should you let your chosen one surprise you when he is in a bad mood or trouble at work. It will only show that a woman does not value her husband either now or in the future. As a result, he can return to his beloved, but with the condition of a similar cold relationship.
  • The correct wording of sentences … Without shouting and in an affectionate voice, it is worth conveying accurate information to your soulmate about the upcoming changes in the relationship. It is worth speaking clearly, so as not to create an illusion for a loved one.

Etiquette during a break in a relationship

In this case, the issue of gender in such a difficult period for a couple has no special significance.

It is essential to decide for yourself how to end the relationship with the least emotional pain:

  • Absolute pressure … The first step is to control your emotions after asking your partner to stop intimate relations temporarily. It can show that what happened caused the victim some distress; otherwise, excessive emotional control would look like neutrality. However, endless phone calls, suffocating with Internet declarations of love, and spying on the passion part will end in complete failure.
  • Refusal of forbidden technology … Only the vocal element can be worse than described pressure. Child provocation, suicide, and other unacceptable methods often cause people’s most negative feelings in response. No one wants to be used this way because everyone has the right to choose and is responsible for their destiny.
  • Partial Communication … You should under no circumstances pressure the initiator into a temporary communication breach. However, to completely stop communicating with him is a grave mistake. An intangible SMS or a neutral message on a social network will not harm the participants in the conflict. At the same time, you need to be as empathetic as possible and not express negative feelings to each other during communication.
  • Honest conversation … With quite a bit of time after an attempted truce, if communication breaks down, you should put all the dots on the “Y” regarding the situation. People should value their time and youth, and attraction to the opposite sex will not last forever, even for the extraordinary person. It is necessary to find out clearly what the break in the relationship gave and the prospects for the renewal of the union of loving hearts.

It is necessary to clearly understand the line between pressure on the partner during this period is not allowed and a complete lack of control over the situation. Experts recommend finding a middle ground between the voices and sticking to it to escape the crisis.

Consequences of breaking up a relationship

We don’t always get what we want in this life.

A pause in the desire for revenge in personal battles sometimes results in the following developmental stages:

  • Complete severance of relationships … Separation is good only in sporadic cases. A man can appreciate the new freedom, and a woman can conclude the end of a love affair. Before you make a final decision about a temporary breakup, you should clearly understand for yourself the possibilities of future events.
  • The return of a past passion … If the relationship has passed such a test, this already speaks of strong feelings for each other. Loving hearts will not be able to stay apart for long because they will be drawn to each other with an irresistible force. This test will show them that such attempts should not be made in a stable pair.
  • Passionate about another partner … Parting with a partner can sometimes play a cruel joke on both participants in a biography. It is possible that a former fan or a fan of the second spoon can take advantage of this facility.


Some people are wondering how to deal with a breakup. Sometimes, preventing it is easier than correcting the consequences further. Love is an action that needs more than just one partner to work on. Before you take a break from each other, you should consider the appropriateness of such a relationship in the future.

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