Love triangle: How to get out of a love triangle

Love triangle; how to get out? The love triangle and its stages of development. The article will discuss the reasons and possible ways out of such a life situation. A love triangle is something that can make you smile only when you watch a comic. In reality, such a situation causes great discomfort. It sometimes causes significant emotional pain to the participants in a complicated love story. Suppose one of the victims of such a triangle is determined to get out of the vicious circle. In that case, you should figure out how to do this, subject to the psychological state of the injured person.

Love Triangle Development Mechanism

The trio only works well in a musical ensemble when all its members successfully complement each other. Otherwise, life in a love triangle is like a roller coaster ride or Russian roulette.

The method for developing such a phenomenon is quite simple and looks like this:

  • Growing problems as a couple … Many will agree that the situation did not just happen; it always has a basis. If two people love and value their relationship, they will not allow outsiders to disturb their idyll. The exceptions are insufferable Don Juans and windy ladies with a free outlook on life who see nothing objectionable in the emergence of the described triangle.
  • Exchange of fluids with a potential partner … It’s no secret that we all initially begin to look closely at each other and rely on the physiological aspects of the manifestation of sympathy. Then, to develop feelings, it is necessary to strengthen them with shared interests and opinions, which is not always a prerequisite for the outbreak of passion for a new object of worship.
  • The fact of treason … After a prolonged or accelerated version of exchanging meaningful glances with a new partner, a resonant phenomenon can occur. The victim of a love triangle is often ignorant of what happened because all deceived persons are often blind and naive.
  • Consequences of treason … At the same time, I recall Georgy Danelia’s film “Autumn Marathon,” where the main character could not solve the problem with women close to him. A love triangle usually ends with either a complete breakdown of the previous relationship or an admission that the injured party has been betrayed.

In any case, the mechanism of development of non-standard communication leads to the fact that it is necessary over time to decide to eliminate the conflict. If the problem is ignored, there is a risk of the formation of a so-called point of no return, where the future of all members of the formed trio will be in jeopardy.

Causes of the love triangle

In the presence of all extreme conditions, it is necessary to understand the provocatively happening elements.

Relationships in a love triangle begin to develop in the following situations:

  • The illusion of love … If there are no deep feelings for your partner, there is a high probability of flirting on the side. At first, flirting with a person outside of a couple seems like an exciting adventure that stirs the blood and gives excitement. However, cheating can go too far when an established couple has already become a severe threat. It cannot say with absolute certainty that a secret affair will end in a stable relationship. Therefore, one must remember that it is easier to destroy than to create a connection with the final decision.
  • Different interests … Every relationship is always based on the unity of thoughts and desires. The hypothesis of the attraction of two opposites has some logical implications. Still, people with different spirits will quickly tire of each other. Therefore, there is a high probability that you will find a partner on the side to compensate for the mental loneliness.
  • Disrespectful attitude towards your partner … No one will stay in a relationship where the aggression of any kind appears in the current couple. It is natural for a person to find a place where he feels comfortable. If he finds an island’s desired tranquility, he will become an active participant in the love triangle.
  • Revenge … In this case, one partner can similarly restore the feelings of a loved one for various reasons. Perhaps the jealous man suspected his soulmate of treason, which he invented for himself. With the apparent fact of flirting on the side, the injured person causes vindictiveness, which is a somewhat expected reaction to what is happening.
  • Sexual promiscuity … In this case, we discuss a spontaneous and random love triangle. At the same time, there is no need to talk about deep feelings because more partners in a couple of changes with enviable rules. The question arises only about how all participants in a protracted swing party react to what is happening.
  • Centennial crisis … In this case, the conversation will focus on the so-called prolongation of youth, which is often illusory. One of the partners begins to change dramatically, surprising the other half. Sometimes it comes to absolute absurdity when Don Juan gets younger in public after starting a relationship with his mistress. A post-Balzac woman can also carry herself with a less mature partner and tries to feel like a young charmer again.
  • Compensation for your inferiority … Such people may have caring partners. Still, they have little awareness of love on the part of one person. Everywhere they see conspiracies and disapproval of those around them, which causes the unfortunate people to find love interests outside their current relationship.
  • Henpecked protest … If a woman suppresses her wife in the couple, then over time, he may have a desire to take revenge secretly. An emotionally weak person begins to look for a partner who will appreciate and respect him.

Important! Psychologists advise preventing a love triangle with intelligent decisions and actions. It is easier to neutralize the problem at the initial stage than to fight it bravely afterward.

A variant of a love triangle

Psychologists, after a detailed study of the voiced question, offer the following classification of the triad that is formed in relationships:

  • Dramatic love triangle … This situation arises when the organizer of the incident, who has two partners, evaluates them both. Therefore, it is possible to assert a strong feeling for many in this case. It rarely happens, as the excellent expression is that if a man loves two at once, he loves no one.
  • Illusory love triangle … With this behavior pattern, partners are emotionally and physically attached. Still, one of them has a platonic relationship on the side. In most cases, this manifests itself in friendships with partners of the opposite sex, where an outside admirer dreams of breaking up an existing couple.
  • By mutual agreement … In some families, it is practiced to have another partner at the same time, which is not nonsense for lovers of free relationships. At the same time, everyone is happy with everything, and there is no place for envy in such couples. The love quadrant already helps them add passion to a traditional marriage, so the presence of the side of the object of worship is clearly expressed and negotiated.
  • Paradoxical love triangle … It’s a group of people who need treason like air. At the same time, they evaluate their actions as satisfactory because, according to their logic, a person is given life once. Joy, jealousy, tears, and suffering are the basis of such a marriage, which can exist for a long time with the partner’s loyal attitude to what is happening.
  • Career love triangle … It’s not always sudden passion drives people to cheat. Sometimes, we talk about a cold calculation when one sees the benefits of an affair with an influential partner. He does not consider such a fact a betrayal because he does everything, in his opinion, to use the fundamental relationship.
  • Financial love triangle … It somehow duplicates interest in terms of publicity. Still, it is based solely on the desire to acquire material goods. Suppose the family does not have the necessary resources for a decent existence. In that case, one of the partners can find a “money bag” apart from the established couple.
  • The humility of the other side … A classic example of such a marriage can be called the family of Valery Zolotukhin, where the famous actor was able to get the tacit approval of his wife for a relationship on the side. Even the birth of a child from a mistress did not destroy the relationship of a vocal couple, who continued to live together. At the same time, no one can clearly distinguish the feelings of two women in love, who thus share the attention of their man.
  • Recurring love triangle … The Lovelaces are resourceful people with a certain charm about seducing the opposite sex. It is not a problem for them to create such a living situation because they are always ready to find a partner outside the couple.

All these cases are very different from each other because the behavior of people cannot be of the same type. Leo Tolstoy subtly pointed out that every family is unhappy in its way. The only question is how the participants perceive the love triangle formed and whether they need help with this.

Ways to get out of a love triangle

If the couple is happy with everything in this situation, they don’t need help. If you denial of the problem that has arisen, you should figure out how to get out of the love triangle. At the same time, it should keep in mind that when dealing with the vocal aspect, the issue of sexuality will play an essential role as a basis for getting rid of possible negative consequences.

Tips for men to end a hopeless relationship

All people can significantly change their fate if they are not satisfied with something in the events that take place. The vital half of humanity is often lost in conclusions about how to get out of the vocal crisis with minimal damage to their psychological state.

Psychologists advise men to take the following steps to destroy the love triangle:

  • Choice … This episode is about the close-knit trio’s instigator, who has decided to get out of the vicious circle. A wise man is often the leader in relationships, so it is up to him to deal with his wife and mistress with minimal pain caused to both. It is difficult because it is impossible to please others without harming the other woman. However, there is a wise saying that chopping off a cat’s tail piece by piece is cruel. Therefore, a real man should make his choice once and for all and not organize an autumn marathon in his family.
  • The creation of a karmic direction … The head of the family or the extramarital couple should understand the term’s meaning clearly. With that, you have to look in one order and not at each other. If a man has chosen, he must encourage his soulmate that mutual adoration is only sound in the initial stage of the relationship. In practice, everything looks a little different because the joint movement will unite the couple, not allow them to seek comfort on the side.
  • Depression … It’s too late to pull your hair out when your life situation has reached an apparent dead end. A person must show by his behavior that he has realized what has happened and is ready to make a final decision. Suppose, at the same time, he is the victim of a love triangle. In that case, you should calmly figure out everything regarding the continuation of relations with your beloved woman. The initiator of treason must be willing to put a bold print in the triad formed by the correct solution to the problem.
  • Giving up guilt … The same film, “Autumn Marathon,” shows a vicious circle in non-standard love relationships. It will not work to be needed for everyone when we are talking about two dear women. It’s too late to apologize and blame yourself, so it takes an intelligent approach to solve the problem to get out of the love triangle.
Love triangle
Love triangle

Tips for women to destroy the love triangle

The fairer sex often sees situations from a slightly different perspective than men. Ladies with the triad made last much longer because they are instinctively willing to do anything to preserve the relationship.

However, all patience runs out, so women should follow the following expert advice:

  • Avoid blackmail … This tactic is only good when it is necessary to play on the victim’s weakness and lure what he wants from her. The scheme works for lovers of easy money, but the article of the general criminal code corresponds to such treatment. When it comes to romantic matters, blackmail can further alienate the changed partner. A woman determined to save her marriage for herself should not put pressure on her beloved and hide behind her illnesses and joint children. At the same time, a man may strongly repent of his unworthy behavior and immediately decide to go to a calmer and more agile mistress.
  • Intimacy … In this case, the woman has to take everything into her own hands because men are often persistent with words. Suppose a representative of the fair sex suspects that she has a very successful competitor. In that case, it is necessary to dot “e .”At the same time, hysteria is inappropriate because it will only give the husband’s mistress an extra trump card. It is necessary to calmly and reasonably find out the cause of the situation and the possible prospects for the future of a shared lot.
  • Life goes on … In this case, we are talking about mistresses, whom the environment usually considers smart and calculate the stolen happiness of someone else. Widespread rumors do not always correspond to the truth because the outsider in a couple can be the victim of a love triangle. Psychologists advise ladies with illusory perceptions of reality to pay more attention to their private life and spread it with trips and acquaintances.
  • Rethink your lifestyle … You always need to be sober with your actions when maintaining a relationship with your loved one. A woman must be wise always to be desirable to her chosen one. If the partner is not notoriously female, then the reason for his betrayal may lie in a dangerous rival. After rethinking your behavior, returning your loved one is not a problem if the victim of a love triangle is ready to forgive the betrayal.
  • Transformation into a female vamp … After evaluating the external data of the competitor, some ladies begin to understand their mistake in choosing a figure. If a loved one prefers a similar type of predator, then you need to play with him. Role-playing will only strengthen the relationship, and you shouldn’t be a show-off.
  • André Maurois strategy … The famous work “Letters to a Stranger” is a brilliant example of getting out of the love triangle. However, these suggestions are only suitable for those women who are determined to return their lovers. The author described a case when a woman starts to be friends with her lover, gradually driving her out of her husband’s life.


The love triangle is a problem that can go on for years without a radical solution. Suppose in the created trio there is no resentment of the intense situation among the members. In that case, you should not give any advice. However, in most cases, living with multiple lovers brings suffering to the affected side. Therefore, it is necessary once and for all to decide for yourself whether the resulting dangerous triangle can.

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