I stay at home with motivating lifestyle lyrics will lift your spirits

It is scientifically proven: listening to music has positive effects on our health. Who hasn’t made their day a song that played on the radio when we needed it most? Who doesn’t have a playlist with themes for those moments when we need lifestyle lyrics and a shot of energy? The clearest example we have in the Dynamic Duo, the unofficial anthem of the quarantine due to the coronavirus crisis.

This selection of national and international songs performed by artists and groups as different as Rosana, Fangoria, Coldplay, and Pet Shop Boys, among others, are sure to help you face confinement with greater optimism thanks to their motivating lifestyle lyrics and melodies.

lifestyle lyrics

 “Today can be a great day”, by Joan Manuel Serrat

“Fight for what you want / And don’t despair / If something isn’t right / Today could be a great day / And tomorrow too.” Are there any more optimistic lyrics than the one in this mythical song by  Joan Manuel Serrat? It is the reason why  Miguel Ríos, Miguel Poveda, Pasión Vega, Victor Manuel, Sergio Dalma, Ana Belén, Estrella Morente, and Sole Giménez covered it in 2014 as part of a campaign by the  Isabel Gemio Foundation for the investigation of muscular dystrophies and other rare diseases.

 “Go west” by Pet Shop Boys

If “Viva la Vida” has certain warlike notes, Pet Shop Boys’ ” Go west ”   – not so much the original version, that of  Village People – puts “weapons” as valuable as hope and freedom. “Where the air is free / We will be what we want to be / Now if we take a stand / We will find our promised land.” A  gay anthem closely linked to San Francisco that, paradoxically, has its origin in a call to lifestyle lyrics colonize the western United States.

 “Without fear”, by Rosana

Rosana confessed on one occasion that ” Without fear “, one of her most emblematic songs, emerged from a telephone conversation with a person who was about to throw in the towel in the face of a very difficult situation. “Without fear you feel that luck is with you / Playing with the goblins, sheltering your way / Making the best of what you have experienced at every step / Better to live without fear”. This is how the singer-songwriter herself sang it to us in It’s not just any day.

 “Happy” by Pharrel Williams

“I have said that nothing can sink me / Because I’m happy / Clap your hands if you feel like in a room without a roof,” sings  Pharrel Williams in a chorus as catchy as it is euphoric that we didn’t stop dancing in that summer of 2014 when Gru was released  2: Despicable,  blockbuster on whose soundtrack is included. A song that makes us feel really happy with little effort.

“The sexual revolution”, by La Casa Azul

It seems incredible, but  Guille Milkyway was about to represent us at  Eurovision with this issue in 2008, the year of  Rodolfo Chikilicuatre. We do not know what would have happened if he had succeeded; What does seem clear is that his song has become a classic of Spanish pop. If even they have covered! Turn up the volume, let the neighbors hear you: “You, who decided that your life was worthless / That you were inclined to always feel bad / That you anticipated a catastrophic future / Today you predict the sexual revolution.”

 “What a wonderful world”, by Louis Armstrong

It’s no wonder he’s a part of the Christmas soundtrack, but his upbeat spirit holds true for any time of year. “I see green trees / I also see red roses / I see them bloom / For you and me / And I think for myself / What a wonderful world”, it is said in the first verses of this song with which a true jazz icon as  Louis Armstrong was back to fame in the late 1980s.

 “Dramas and comedies”, by Fangoria

Fangoria  has always carried a well-understood frivolity as a banner and his motto has always been “more is more.” That’s why the chorus of this electrifying pop song in the purest Pet Shop Boys-style, the duo’s confessed reference, fits perfectly into their philosophy. ” I don’t want any more drama in my life / Just entertaining comedies,” proclaims an Alaska more proud lifestyle lyrics than ever.

 “Looking for paradise”, by Alejandro Sanz and Alicia Keys

“To that wounded heart / Music gives meaning / We give you your wings with our voice / We give your feet a path”. This duet a priori is impossible but in the end, original and welcome tries to convince us of what has already been emphasized: that music always accompanies us and can serve as therapy in the most complicated moments. The best thing about the song, yes, is its rhythm and that “oh oh oh oh” that is inevitable humming.

 “I wanna dance with somebody (who loves me)” by Whitney Houston

And to close the list, the unforgettable voice of Whitney Houston in the early years of her musical career. It is a lifestyle lyric. Verses like “I want to dance with someone / With someone who loves me” were presented to the singer to the rhythm of a country ballad. Fortunately, the producer,  Narada Michael Walden, remade it to make him the number one he was.

 “Viva la Vida”, by Coldplay

It is quite a generational hymn, and although its lyrics revolve around King  Louis XVI of France and his fall at the beginning of the French Revolution, its title is taken from a vitalist painting by  Frida Khalo. The martial touch of his melody makes us rise several meters above the ground to shout that “I hear Jerusalem bells are ringing / Roman cavalry choirs are singing”. Not in vain, Guardiola’s Barça   used it to win a Champions League.

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