First date: What should I do on the first date?

First date; how can your memorable day be? The development of the relationship is likely to depend on how the first date goes. What can or cannot be said to young people, how to conduct a conversation correctly, without embarrassment, and choose the right words and phrases. The first date is one of the most exciting moments in every person’s life, which remains in the memory for many years. You should prepare carefully for it to be recorded as a bright and joyful event. Participant communication plays a vital role in this.

Choosing a date

In most cases, the initiator of the first date is a representative of the more vigorous sex, so the right to choose the meeting place belongs to him. If a man wants to give the initiative to a woman, she will often put this task on his shoulders.

The place can be absolutely anything.

 But several important factors determine the success of this event:

  • Silence is the key to a successful conversation … You should notice that no one interrupts communication. Loud music around and the presence of noisy companies nearby will not at all give relaxation and a kind of coziness on the first date.
  • Unique places are the first step towards winning the woman’s heart … If the place where you decide to meet and be together for the first time is unusual, then this will be an additional plus in favor of the guy. After all, girls like being surprised.
  • Knowledge gives confidence … the invitation should already be at the designated place for the meeting. It will provide certainty, reduce the risk of being in an embarrassing situation, and communication on a first date will be easy and fun.

If, after all, a girl takes the reins into her own hands, then most often, it can be an expensive restaurant, an art exhibition, a walk in the park, or another crowded place, a club. It is better to know the organization’s price in advance so that you do not find yourself in an unpleasant situation in the evening.

The feelings and experiences of young or not-so people at the first meeting are directly related to each other. Hence, the choice of place determines the desire to meet again with this person. The unusual character of a room or a corner in nature will improve taste and leave a pleasant mark in your memory, perhaps for life.

What should I do on the first date?

On the first date, the main thing is to give your appearance an attractive image (to make a beautiful hairstyle, apply neat makeup and choose an outfit) and to express yourself and think correctly about interesting topics for conversation. Awkward silence can only make matters worse if both partners are shy and shy. There are several forums that people of different backgrounds can support and continue.

Friends and parents

Perhaps one of the safest and most harmless topics for first-date communication for both boys and girls. Without making unnecessary words, beat around to find out the partner’s attitude to the people around him. Thanks to this material, you can understand the circle of interests of the interlocutor at the initial stage of communication.

Everyone knows the folk wisdom from the mouth of the ancient Greek poet Euripides “Tell me who your friend is, and I will tell you who you are.” Friends and those close to him talk about a person’s nature, moral foundations, and principles.

At the beginning of the relationship, you should not be too interested in the parents, their hobbies, activities, and income. It can leave a negative aftertaste for a person who is not yet ready to discuss the topic or has not personally initiated a conversation.

Work and study

For young people trying to get to know each other on a first date, school or work is one of their priorities at this stage. I will discuss them in any case. Especially if the conversation has ended and is a bit out of control, you can always ask questions about the educational institution, the interviewer’s place of work, or plans for the future. It is an excellent way to keep the conversation going.

If common interests converge, you can’t help but notice how heated, and exciting discussions will come out of a quiet conversation. The main thing is not to go too far with the argument and not to pressure the interviewer.

Interests and preferences

Learning about your partner’s interests outside of work or school is essential. His absence can say a lot about a person. It should touch on when communication takes place on the first date. From this, you can draw some conclusions and decide whether you will continue dating this person or end everything at the initial stage.

The safest and most prominent topic when first talking about your favorite music style, culinary tastes, and preferences. Perhaps, by asking more concretely about your preferences without focusing on this, the next day, you can arrange a romantic candlelit dinner on your own, accompanied by your partner’s favorite music. It will surely impress him.

Jokes and stories

Can moderately dilute An easy and relaxed conversation on the above topics with jokes and anecdotes. It will allow you to overcome the stiffness threshold, which is very important when communicating on the first date, and at the same time test your partner’s sense of humor. After all, it is pleasant to listen to the sincere laughter of a person you like because you decided to take such an anxious step.

Improvisation and transition to another topic with the help of electronic communication in a playful way will help to get out of a tense situation when the conversation has reached a dead end or has become a little tight due to the versatile interests of an overly temperamental interlocutor. However, one must understand the line when humor becomes annoying.

What to talk about a girl with a guy on the first date

Finally, it happened! He noticed you among the crowd, thanked you, and asked you out. This joyful experience must not be confused with anything. Fashionable hairstyle, makeup, outfit (dress or jeans) – all this is important and necessary at the first meeting. But that’s not enough. A demeanor, a gesture, or a tangible feeling will add to the picture as a whole.

Visual effects disappear, the scent of perfume becomes familiar, and communication takes over. Let’s figure out what to talk about on the first date with a man.

There are several steps you can take to overcome unwanted modesty and embarrassment.

Here are the most important ones:

  • Smile and look … The most important thing is a natural behavior. When you meet a guy, it is essential to smile at him and give him an expression that reflects admiration and sympathy for him. He is also worried, which will make him very happy and give him confidence. You should not be ashamed of your facial expressions because they can reflect the joy of meeting and the experience of a touching moment he told and sincere entertainment from his jokes and funny stories. A clean, open look always promotes conversation and revelation.
  • Nature and tact … On a date, you should avoid lying and deception. A girl should be open in communication and honest in her answers. The ability to listen, express your opinion, and, if there is a radical difference of interest, restraint and silence with tact will add a great plus to the reputation of the interlocutors. It’s worth noting that a lie told on the first date will come out next.
  • Curiosity … As you know, all guys love attention from their women. By listening and remembering what the guy says about himself, it becomes easier for the girl to find common interests that help her get closer.
  • Restraint … You should not show too much emotional feeling, react harshly to positive or negative aspects when speaking, and laugh loudly at your partner’s jokes. It can turn him off. We must avoid detailed stories about ourselves, relatives, and parents. All these details in the early stages of communication are not attractive to him and unnecessary.
  • Modesty in finances … a man doesn’t need to show passion for money if it is in his nature, even if he has plenty of it. It will undoubtedly abuse a young or mature man unless eventually, after the first date, both are not pursuing other goals. In a restaurant, you also must behave in moderation and not arrange a trial for generosity. It’s best to have cash with you to be safe. What you should not do is ask about income.

As for topics, it’s better to use the above. You can also discuss recent city events and favorite vacation spots; share your impressions from your travels.

Kids love to help so that you can ask for advice or an opinion on a particular issue, for example, with a computer. Talking about pets helps smooth communication confusion. Pets can be another reason for new encounters.

Suppose a man does not take the initiative and does not support communication. In that case, he does not like the girl’s company. Don’t be upset in this case; you need to end the night early and say goodbye.

How to make conversation on the first date for a guy with a girl

Boys are naturally more energetic than girls, so they are less shy and will find topics to talk about more quickly. But the excitement and fear of a meeting can lead to confusion. It is worth considering what to say to the girl on the first date. Girls love reliable guys. But not everyone can boast about it on the first date. Therefore, you need to relax and calm down in front of him. Don’t dress too brightly and pompously; pour yourself from head to toe with eau de toilette. It is enough to wash, neatly and cleanly dressed, and smells a little perfume. Buying flowers is preferred but not necessary. You can replace them with a small figurine, a soft toy. It should also bear in mind that with a massive bouquet of roses, you have to walk all night to the one who gave it.

Further joint meetings depend on how the first date goes. The most important thing is to interest the girl, be attentive and polite, be able to listen to her, and not be inclined to rudeness and rudeness.

Here are some tips on what to talk about on the first date with your girlfriend:

  • It’s easy to start a conversation … To begin with, you can ask the girl about her life, friends, studies or work, and hobbies. The main thing is to ask questions to the first one so as not to create an “awkward silence.” In no case should you turn all this into an interrogation? Otherwise, you can mistake the guy for a thief or a madman.
  • It is inconspicuous to find out about her preferences and tastes.… It is advisable not to argue during communication and express an opposing point of view, but on the contrary, to demonstrate the compatibility of interests and wishes. It unites and makes it possible to continue communication more actively. It is good if there are widespread contact points and an opportunity to talk about it for hours.
  • If suddenly the pause is too long, you can check the humor.… Tell an exciting and funny biography or fill in with stories. Please do not catch such breaks, but replace them with conversations on general topics.

When communicating with a girl, you should not make yourself a “superhero” and attribute achievements that do not exist because they do not like it. One must be sincere, straightforward, and avoid deception. Suddenly you run into someone who soon finds out; it will be very awkward. Modest and truthful stories are ideal topics for a first date.

the first date
the first date

Prohibited content on the first day

Some unwanted topics and moments are inappropriate and unnecessary on the first date.

Here are the main ones:

  • Religion and politics … Should avoid such topics on the first date because they are pretty subjective. The points of view of the interlocutors may turn out to be fundamentally opposite, eventually leading to heated debates and disputes. It can also lead to the beginning of a relationship that never started.
  • Former partners … This is what you cannot talk about on a first date under any circumstances. The subject will be uncomfortable for both. You can overestimate it, expose your flaws in advance, and say why there was a break in previous relationships. Comparison with the new man’s ex is therefore inappropriate.
  • Health problems … A story about a broken childhood arm in a funny situation can cheer you up, but a story about chronic flatulence, for example, will only scare you away.
  • Stories about people who are unknown to the interviewer … The topic of discussion is exhausting and can leave a negative impression because it also shows flaws in various categories of acquaintances.
  • Car, sports, and technology are only interesting for guys; most girls are far from such topics and preferences (although there are exceptions – you can). So stories about fun football games, knowledge of the situation, or technical features of a motorcycle will not have a good effect on a girl.
  • Intimate relationship … Accuracy and sex should not overshadow the first date. Otherwise, you can mistake your partner for a pervert or one of those who “only need this from a girl.” This kind of conversation on the first date is inappropriate and can mess up the relationship in the future. There are situations when a partner does not mind this, resulting in hints and selected content. If everything happens by mutual agreement, then there should be no problems.
  • Explanations of the interviewer’s appearance … Even if the partner’s appearance does not suit you, in no case should you talk about it at the first meeting? Of course, if there is a desire to repeat it.


The first date will tell your partner a lot. So that there is no disappointment in “saying wrong,” it is worth thinking about the topics and remembering their stories. But in general, it’s essential just to be yourself!

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