Energy vampire: How long do energy vampires live?

Energy vampire; how to protect? What are energy vampires, methods of recognition and protection, and how to deal with such people?

An energy vampire unconsciously or consciously takes energy from others and turns them into hypochondriacs – eternally depressed, depressed people. He gets pleasure from this and increases his vitality.

Who are energy vampires?

Everyone in his life had to deal with men or women who started quarrels. And for a long time, they delayed their frustration, flipping through it like a worn-out record, over and over again. Not everyone can calm down and keep shouting and cursing. After interacting with such a “swearing man,” one feels tired and powerless, and the mood deteriorates for a long time. The thought flashes with frustration “what a stupid person this is, how uncomfortable it is to communicate with him!”

Few, however, would think such people are energetic vampires who derive incomparable pleasure from “spoiling the blood” of their neighbors. It is the meaning of their entire existence. The “grease” their work diligently on the “plate” and simply “bastard” when they see him in confusion, upset.

Such individuals have a terrible aura that actively affects those around them. By dragging their biochemical “tentacles” into someone else’s biosphere, such energy “ghouls” suppress and destroy it. It affects those who come into contact with them with poor moral, psychological and emotional well-being. And “ghouls” only rejoice and gain strength.

These are called “Dracula” and “blood sugar,” without thinking anything about what contributes to their appearance and why they behave this way. Psychologists believe that about 30% of these in Nature, during life, 50 percent will be “blood sugar,” the other 20 – from time to time.

Psychologists distinguish between two types of energy vampires: the unconscious and those who are consciously nourished by the energy of others. The first involves “bloodsuckers” that take someone else’s point unconsciously. They lack life energy, and to get it, they “steal” biochemical energy from their relatives and friends.

Many people can probably recall cases from their lives when, for example, someone from a loved one constantly starts arguing about a seemingly trivial fact and ignites “universal” proportions. Such a “lover of truth” will not rest until he proves his “justice,” which ends with a perfectly structured nerve in those who fell for the “bite of energy.” And on the contrary, he has an energy bomb; he is in a good mood, smiling happily. It is nothing but energy vampirism.

The second type includes those who consciously live off the life energy of their opponents. Such “blood sugar” is hazardous. They are not ashamed of any moral reason. They have no sympathy. Like predatory spiders, they hunt a victim in their orchards to suck out life energy from it, thus strengthening their strength.

Types of energy vampirism

To know people who live at the expense of someone else’s energy and not fall for the “particle,” you need to know the form of energy vampirism.

They can be like this:

  • Vampirism “correspondence” … When a “good” friend or friend is not present, and when you look at his gift, it suddenly becomes difficult for your soul, no rosy thoughts arise. Another option is online correspondence. Interactions are a bit gray. They only cause anxiety. They do not give pleasure. Such acquaintances are likely energy vampires. With their gifts and letters, even at a distance, they extract the energy they need so much.
  • Collective … Man, is a social being, always in all life situations is among people. Let’s say it’s a company. And he can’t always be “respectable .”Suppose an atmosphere of hostility, envy, lies, and greed for money reigns in it. In that case, this can negatively affect those partners with a completely different moral attitude. Such “collaborators” will suppress their opponents, willingly or unwillingly, and feed on their energy.
  • Family … A family vampire can be one of the spouses. Older relatives, such as mother-in-law or father-in-law, who are not always happy, are often “bloodthirsty.” Disputes always give them pleasure. They get pleasure from it, and one of the spouses – has a constant headache. In such cases, it often leads to divorce. No wonder there are many stories of “bad” mothers-in-law. But this is nothing but a kind of family energy of vampirism when the oldest is born of the power of the young. You can also talk about children’s vampirism when children with their whims draw blood – they take energy from their parents.
  • Informative … In our time, a lot of negativity is given by the media. Reports of war, terrorist attacks, robberies, murders, and other serious crimes have filled the pages of newspapers and magazines; they are constantly talked about on television, and crime films are shown. Now, this is considered a rule of good form. However, such “horror movies” depress the psyche, taking energy from people with weak lifestyles and unstable souls.
  • Erotic … If the marriage is “unequal” when one loves for sacrifice, and the other uses it, we can talk about sexual vampirism when one of the spouses takes their partner’s energy. Polygamy is when the husband is elderly, and the wife is young (sometimes vice versa). He uses her energy and feels great. No wonder emperors slept with young concubines in ancient China to prolong their years.

It is important to know! If you feel weak and tired after interacting with someone, it is likely to contact an energy vampire.

The main signs of energy vampires

The main characteristics of an energy vampire are its appearance and behavior.

As a rule, these are rather gloomy people; their faces are marked with eternal dissatisfaction. They look much older than their age: the beginning is wrinkled, with thick brown eyebrows (women thin them with tweezers), and the lips of the corners are often lowered. The eyes are dull and faceless, and the appearance is cold and repulsive. It is not easy to tolerate.

In behavior, they are aggressive and whiny. The former always find scandal and enjoy victims’ tears, pain, and suffering. The latter constantly complain that everything in their lives is wrong. In this way, they draw energy from people who sympathize with them.

The following indirect elements will help to identify an energy vampire:

  • Food preferences: People avoid sweet and hot, indifferent to tea and coffee. But drinks “with ice” are respected. They pepper the food a lot and add hot spices to it.
  • Bad attitude towards pets … “Love” is mutual here. Pets and plants perceive the negative aura of such people. If they suddenly land in the house, a dog or cat tries to escape, and the flowers just wither.
  • Skin contact … The vampire always tries to touch his counterpart: holding his hand, patting his head, and appearing to push or step on his foot accidentally. It is the immediate moment when energy flows to him from the opposite.
  • Permanent Debt … Such a person is an eternal debtor. He loves to lend money, promises to give it back in time, but intentionally does not keep his word. The lender becomes nervous and feeds the energy vampire with his emotions. It’s the same with all companies. There are many promises but no sense. Only one disturbance and corrupt mood, but for “ghoul” – joy.
  • Serious mood swings … The vampire is always excited and refreshed with someone else’s energy. And when there is no one to “pinch” her a little, it seems sick and sad.
  • Love for mass events: People adore various mass “hangouts” when you can bother and show your displeasure. In a crowd, you can continuously tap and touch someone. It improves energy.
  • Negative emotions … An energy vampire always talks badly about people, such as friends or their loved ones. It gives him pleasure, so he nourishes his aura.
  • Constant complaints about your problems … By complaining about their alleged difficulties in life, the vampire instinctively draws his interlocutors into a lousy conversation and gives them energy.
  • Avoid Positive Emotions … Vampires avoid cheerful, positive attitudes. They are afraid of good aura, which they do not enter with evil intent.
  • Strive to gain trust … Vampires can be compassionate and empathize with the grief of others, but their compassion does not bring relief. It only gets worse.

It is possible to identify an energy vampire by its date of birth. To do this, add the number, month, and birth year. It turns out to be a double-digit number. We divide it into two units and add it again, and so on, until we get a one-digit number. It determines the energy of the individual.

Interpretation of the result. If it is between 1 and 4, the energy is weak, and constant charging is necessary; such a person may become an energy vampire. A number between 5-7 says everything is fine with your life. Still, you should be careful and avoid people not averse to feeding their aura at someone else’s expense. If the resulting value is more than 7, then you have too much energy and can share it with others without fear of health.

Example: 30/03/1990 = 3 + 0 + 0 + 3 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 0 = 25 = 2 + 5 = 7

Biofield with incredible energy! Such a person should not be afraid of energy vampires.

It is important to know! All these signs are not a guarantee that you are facing a vampire. They may be symptoms of behavior. In each case, an objective analysis is required. Only one thing is sure: one must not give in to the provocations of suspicious persons. Only in this case will it be possible to avoid the loss of your life energy.

How to protect yourself from an energy vampire

Protection can vary, for example, with the help of amulets and amulets. But before you can figure out how to protect yourself from the energy barrier, you need to recognize who such a vampire is. And then, after that, take appropriate action. And this can be one of the family members, for example, a child, a close relative, a friend, or a co-worker. Even a casual companion on public transportation can be such a dangerous person. For each specific case, their advice is relevant. Let’s consider them further.

energy vampires
energy vampires

How to protect yourself from an energy vampire in the family

Suppose an energy vampire is one of the relatives in a young family, for example. In that case, father or mother (husband, wife), with whom you have to live under the same roof, then the best advice is to leave soon. The truth is trivial, but because of such energetic vampirism of the elders, when there were constant quarrels, for example, the son-in-law did not look at his mother-in-law or “he does not like the way I cook,” many families fell apart.

An involuntary vampire can be a seriously ill relative. He tries to replenish his dying vitality at the expense of his loved ones. It needs more attention. Proper care will calm him down. He will not get anxious over small things and cause unnecessary inconvenience to his loved ones. Simply put, it will not “drink their blood.”

Flowers in his room or, say, an aquarium for fish can help make the patient more nervous. Television will also distract him from negative emotions.

Children are often vampires. The body grows and matures. Its energy is still insufficient; the child is trying to improve it at the parents’ expense. He is naughty, naughty and wants more attention. Constantly childish whimsy tires the elders but gives children pleasure. And here comes the problem of proper education. Otherwise, with age, the unconscious vampirism of children will develop into a conscious adult and take the rest of the aging of dad and mom.

It is important to know! Protection against the energy vampire in the family assumes harmony, peace, and tranquility in relations between relatives. Then no one will be on the defensive; they will distribute positive energy among the family members appropriately.

How to protect yourself from an energy vampire in a public place

Such energy “blood sugar” can be a boss, a partner, or someone you have to deal with at work, maybe even your subordinate. From communication with them, one always feels discomfort in the mood. There is resentment, resentment, and confusion as to why this could happen.

And to prevent this from happening, you need to try to avoid confrontation with a person you are uncomfortable. Even if he stirs up controversy, you must try to turn everything into a joke. It will disarm even the most reluctant lover. He will inevitably calm down and linger after you.

In a conversation with a vampire boss, you can cross your arms or legs when a joke is inappropriate. Better yet, show a glass wall between you. In a wrong conversation, this will block the flow of your energy into the aura of an unwanted boss.

Another example. A partner or someone else constantly complains about their life so that he (she) would feel sorry for him and thereby “acquire” the necessary energy for himself. It would help if you tried to avoid such “unfortunate” people and keep them in contact to a minimum under the guise of hard work, for example. And in no case should you discuss your problems with them.

To protect yourself from organ buggers on the street or on public transport, you don’t have to engage in conversations with them. And when they are trying to start an argument, you can smile and even apologize. They say, “I was wrong,” even though it is not your fault. It will disarm them and neutralize the situation. The conflict will hit the jackpot. You will not be able to gain energy at your expense.

It is important to know! It is far from always possible to exclude communication with an energy vampire. In any case, you need to behave calmly and sensibly with him so that he sees that he cannot “shake” his interlocutor.

How to use the energy of a vampire charm

Since ancient times, our ancestors used amulets and talismans. They protected against damage and the evil eye. You can make such protection against lousy energy yourself. For example, weave a bracelet and put in the work the idea that it will certainly protect you from the evil eye.

The crafted amulet should be brought to the church and consecrated. It guarantees that no forces from the world will stick to you. And then about the benefits of prayer. She defends against all kinds of ghouls and vampires. And it is worth reading it not from time to time, but every day. It can be “Our Father” or “Lord, Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner…”.

A good talisman would be a stone that matches the zodiac sign. For Aries men, for example, red, blue, and purple stones are suitable: ruby ​​or amethyst. For women with Aries, black obsidian is suitable. It will help strengthen the energy and save the vampire from the energy links.

It is important to know! Different talismans help only if one sincerely believes in their miracle. Otherwise, there is no need to wear them.

How to restore energy after interacting with an energy vampire

After communicating with an energy vampire, one feels extreme fatigue, weakness in the whole body, and all because the biosphere is weak. A known or unknown “vampire” managed to gain confidence and “feed” on someone else’s energy.

To restore your ecosystem, such available methods will help:

  • Walking around the city park, meadow, meadow, forest … Nature is the most potent stimulating energy. It will support a person in all life cases and restore their wasted energy. It is good to run barefoot in the dew early in the morning, stand leaning against a tree, and listen to the light rifle of the leaves. It calms down and lights up. Oak and birch have tremendous energy in the event of a failure. Pine helps to relieve stress. And trees, like age and poplars, consume energy. You need to be careful in contact with them.
  • Communication with pets and plants … Our more minor brothers and own garden, for example, on the windowsill, relieve fatigue and charge with energy. Cats have a unique power; they feel good about their owner (mistress) and adore them whenever they want to show their location.
  • Music … A little song relaxes, irritability, and obsessive thoughts disappear. Peace comes to the soul.
  • A cold and hot shower reduces fatigue, strengthens strength, removes negative energy, and puts thoughts in order.

Finally, find a source of positive emotions for yourself. Let’s say you eat a slice of cake, watch your favorite movie on TV or go for a walk with your dog if you have such a good family friend.

It is important to know! In all communication, the energy exchange should be voluntary and reciprocal. Only in this case will there be no outflow of one’s energy to the wrong side, and no recovery will be required.


Energy vampires around us. So that they do not “eat up” our life energy, you need to save your energy and lead a healthy lifestyle. Only in this case the power of the body will be at the right level. And this is a guarantee of damage and the evil eye, various vampires and goblins who love to live off someone else’s “blood .”They are afraid of people with positive biomes.

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