Temporary tattoo: Makes a temporary tattoo at home

Temporary tattoo; how you can create a temporary tattoo at home with a label, henna, printer, cosmetic pencil, or acrylic paint. In-depth master classes will help with this.

Now tattoos are in fashion. But it is not necessary to do them in a tattoo parlor. After all, it costs a lot of money and patience, and there is no guarantee that in 10–20 years you will not regret getting a certain tattoo. An interesting option is to make a temporary drawing on the selected area of ​​the body.

Temporary tattoo at home

You can draw a drawing with various harmless tools. Of course, it is better if someone else does such a tattoo for you. But if this is not possible, try using it yourself. And detailed master classes will help this. But first, check what materials to use for this. You will use the ones you like best.

You can create a temporary tattoo at home if you use:

  • Gel pen;
  • Henna;

There are many advantages to temporary tattoos:

  • It doesn’t hurt at all.
  • If you get tired of the selected image, you can replace it with another one.
  • You don’t have to spend a lot of money and in most cases, you can get a tattoo for free.
  • Such a drawing can be useful for a photo shoot, or a wedding, to play a role in an amateur theater.

Temporary henna tattoo

Such a tattoo can last from 2 weeks to a month and a half. The time the pattern is on an area of ​​the body depends on the individual characteristics of the skin and how often this area will be treated with water.

Since henna is a pigment, you need to prepare well for the drawing process. Wear old clothes that you do not care about getting dirty. If you still plant a spot and want to get rid of it, then you need to immediately wash this place with detergent.

Choose the area of ​​the body where you will be using a temporary tattoo. But remember that if you already had this drawing here, then you do not need to use a henna tattoo constantly on the same part of your body. You have to wait a few months for the skin to rest.

Start preparing in 2 days. During this period, you should not sunbathe. Immediately before the operation, wash the selected area of ​​the body with alcohol-based alcohol to grease it. If the skin is rough, peel or rub with a washcloth. Then the tattoo will hold better because the skin here will be smooth.

If hair grows in a selected place, you must first get rid of it, otherwise, the pattern may not be complete and then the tattoo will partially disappear. After all, it lasts longer on the hair than on the skin. If you want to remove them from your hair, it will be rather painful.

Finished henna lasts less than one that is made with your own hands.

To make henna, take:

  • 40 g dry henna;
  • Juice of 2 lemons;
  • Powdered sugar;
  • Toothpick or thin stick;
  • Appropriate container;
  • Spoon;
  • Sprauta;
  • Powdered sugar.

Rules of temporary tattoo

  • First, sieve the henna using the smallest mesh. After all, if you get lumps and make a tattoo at home with thin lines, then the drawing can turn out to be slippery.
  • Now put this powder in a bowl, and add the silk juice of two lemons. It should be half a glass.
  • Stir this mixture until smooth and transfer to a sturdy plastic bag. In such a place, the solution should settle for 12 hours.
  • If you want a shade of darker shade, add a little skin tone to this mass at the stage of mixing henna with lemon juice.
  • 12 hours have passed. Pour a few tablespoons of icing sugar into the prepared mixture. You can add the same amount of flavored oil. Consequently, you should have a composition with such a consistency that it is convenient to squeeze it out with a syringe. If it turns out to be thick, add a little more lemon juice and stir.
  • This product should now recover for an additional 12 hours. Then you can download it. See how to get a temporary henna tattoo.
  • Lubricate previously oiled skin with eucalyptus oil. You need to rub the selected area of ​​the skin with a little eucalyptus oil. Then the pores will expand and absorb the paint well. Prepare a cotton swab and a damp cloth. These ingredients will help to remove excess henna when you use it.

You can make a temporary henna tattoo at home as follows:

  • Using a stencil;
  • Pencil;
  • Rag pen;
  • With hands.

If you use a pencil or felt-tip pen, you will start applying henna lines along these lines. When the preparatory stage of the work is completed, it is time to apply the tattoo. To do this, fill the syringe with a henna solution; gently squeeze the stream on a certain rotation of the pattern. In this case, you can correct these features with a wooden stick. Then you need to leave this part of the body alone, and let the tattoo dry. Do not remove the excess henna yet, as it will gradually fall off on its own.

In order for the temporary tattoo to last longer, you need to get this part of your body less. If this is the first time you are using such an ornament, then it is advisable to practice on a piece of paper first by drawing the selected pattern here and then applying it directly to the body area.

Read how to get a Henna tattoo on your hands and body

How to make a temporary tattoo with a pen?

This is another way that allows you to fulfill your desire.


  • Tracing paper or glass;
  • Gel pens in the respective colors.

Choose the drawing you like. It can be printed with a printer or cut from a magazine. Now stroke over this template using different shades of gel pens. Take one color if you want.

Now stick this template with the pattern down on the selected area of ​​the body, then you need to bring a cloth moistened with warm water from the outside and press it hard enough to press the paper with the pattern. Hold in this position for a minute, after which you need to bend one corner and see if the drawing has passed. If not, hold the stencil close to the skin for a few more seconds. After that, remove the primer and wait until the image is completely dry.

Using a temporary tattoo with a printer

This is another way to get a temporary tattoo. Take special adhesive paper. Print the selected image on it on a black and white or color printer.

Don’t forget to adjust to the correct size. Remember that this pattern will be reflected on the skin.

Cut out the workpiece with scissors, place it on the skin and press down with a damp cloth. Gently press this stencil. After 30 seconds, you can carefully remove the paper. In this case, the tattoo will remain on the selected area of ​​the skin.

How to make a temporary tattoo with a pencil at home

You will use eyeliner. Take one that does not have a shiny or very soft torso. Use your favorite color. First, it is advisable to practice on a piece of paper and describe the selected drawing there. To prevent the tattoo from becoming infected later, it is best to apply it to open skin areas that are not covered with clothing and will not be lubricated.

Lubricate the selected area with cotton and alcohol. Now draw the outline of the picture with a pencil and then the whole drawing. Spray the tattoo with hairspray. This will ensure the drawing. Wait a minute, the tattoo is ready.

You can also use a cosmetic pencil in conjunction with carbon paper. To do this, you need to remove the hair from the affected area. Then grease it with alcohol. Place a carbon copy on this part of the body, and place a paper outline on top. Circle his lines. Then remove the paper and finish the tattoo to perfection by going here with a cosmetic pencil. Fix the image with hairspray or baby powder.

Similarly, you can get a temporary tattoo with a ballpoint pen.

Temporary tattoo
Temporary tattoo

Temporary Tattoo with Sharpie Permanent Marker

  • First, you need to find out if you are allergic to this label. To do this, apply it on a small strip on the skin and wait for an hour. If there is itching, redness, or any other reaction, delete this line immediately. If there is no response, then a signal can be used.
  • Grease the skin surface and draw the selected image on it with a label. When you are done, cover the image with a little powder and rub it lightly into the skin. After that, you need to spray a small amount of hairspray here.
  • To make the tattoo more permanent, you can recover the image with powder, then apply a hair spray. It will also help to strengthen the pattern on the skin and liquid adhesive patch.
  • You can wash off your temporary tattoo as follows. Use an alcohol-based lotion or make-up remover. If there are any bumps left that need to be removed, do so with a scrub.

How to get a temporary tattoo for the holidays?

If a happy occasion is coming, you can get a sparkling tattoo. Such a tattoo for the New Year is also perfect.

You will need:

  • Buy a stencil with glue or make it yourself from paper;
  • Acrylic glue for the body;
  • Decorative stones or sequins.

Remove the protective film from the stencil; glue it to the selected area of ​​the body, which you must first apply. Follow the lines of this stencil with a brush dipped in acrylic glue. Hold the stencil like this for a few seconds, then remove and wait for the glue to become transparent. Now take a brush and put glitter on the glue line with it. Too much of this shiny substance should be brushed off with another brush.

After the first layer, you need to apply another layer of glue and after 2 minutes stick glitter in another color on it.

You can use rhinestones instead, but they will last for about 10 days, and sequins – up to a month. This way you can make a sparkling tattoo, which is perfect for any holiday, go to a nightclub.

Temporary tattoo with stencil

This method allows you to make an even outline of the drawing object. You can buy such a foundation or make it yourself. Then transfer the drawing to paper, and cut off the excess with scissors. And inside this rectangle, the elements of the pattern must be cut out with a sharp knife.

Place the stencil on your hand; see if the size suits you. To prevent this foundation from moving, attach it to the skin with tape. To paint over a drawing you can use henna, markers, and gel pens. Some people even get this kind of tattoo with nail polish. If you then want to use the same pattern again, you can reuse this stencil.

Temporary tattoo with tights

This is a fun way to wear your chosen design or font.


  • Socks or nylon tights;
  • Alcohol mark or cloth paint;
  • Scissors;
  • Photo printed on paper.

You will also need a cylindrical base. You can use a plastic bottle like that. But fill this container with water to add weight to it.

Print a drawing on paper; wrap the selected base with this blank. Then pull one leg of tights or socks here and glue this material to the bottle.

Now take a marker or paint and draw the elements of the picture directly on the cardboard, which are visible through its transparent texture. Let this layer dry a little, and then sprinkle the tattoo with hairspray.

It is important to choose tights in a color that matches your skin tone as closely as possible. It will then appear as if a temporary tattoo has been applied to an area of ​​the body.

This is how you can make a temporary tattoo at home with various materials. It will be easier for you to create such body art if you see how others do it.

If you want to get a tattoo for colors, then a watercolor tattoo is for you.


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