Comfort zone: How to get out of your comfort zone

Comfort zone; how to find? A person in a comfort zone and the peculiarities of his behavior. This article will help everyone to get out of this idleness with specific tips. A comfort zone is a personal territory that, in most cases, is ideally suited to a particular type of person. They do not see the point in changing something in their life. Therefore they do not see the need for further improvements in their own lives. However, in some situations, ordinary people must leave the created oasis of comfort to face complex problems again. It is worth understanding the phenomenon itself and methods of confrontation with it.

What is a comfort zone?

Experts clearly explain this process, which occurs in a person painlessly for the soul’s sake. The comfort zone is when people have achieved something in their life and are ready to temporarily or permanently stop the success that has been completed.

Since this is a kind of nirvana, further motivation and desire to change the current situation for the better are denied. “They don’t look for the best of the best” is a favorite saying of people who have already learned all the joys of being in the territory of comfort and security.

At the same time, some do not want to change anything into a kind of comfort zone. That is, they are satisfied with little and blame everyone and everyone around for their mistakes. Such people often look for the root of the problem in others or in situations that become an obstacle to a new life. It is easier for them to stay in the “shell” than to get out of it.

The comfort zone in psychology is a reasonably well-researched aspect because it does not involve complex research in this area. Such a state of mind and body becomes a problem only if the individual himself begins to understand all the inertia of his existence under favorable conditions for him.

Reasons to stay in your comfort zone.

Experts consider these essential factors to be the source of the emergence of the territory of the “entertainment center”:

  • Solving financial problems … Money is not happiness, but such an optimistic assumption does not work for some reason. All people want to eat, but do not rely only on an ax with a real opportunity to taste a sandwich with caviar. Suppose a person has succeeded in business thanks to his business sense. In that case, he automatically falls into a comfortable zone. However, one hundred percent does not lie in the fact that all tradesmen make Money literally out of thin air. An honest businessman is an insurance company that understands how easy it is to lose earned capital for the slightest mistake in business activities.
  • Protect yourself and your family … Financial stability gives you a real opportunity to build stone walls around your immediate environment. The lumberjack does not have a headache, which is ensured by a reliable shelter. The sense of privacy of girlfriends creates a painless existence in the comfort zone for the organizer of this operation.
  • Intellectual identity … The image of an aloof scientist who is not interested in fame and recognition of his talents is, in most cases, a fairy tale for golden people. Vanity within reasonable limits is not a vice because one must work for a reward. If a person with excellent abilities in academic fields achieves tangible results, he feels very comfortable in this situation. Only fanatics of their vocation, everyone and everywhere, will try to realize themselves in other projects.
  • Sexual pleasure … The intimate side plays a somewhat important role in people’s lives, although some puritans try to deny this obvious fact. A person who has fulfilled all his secret erotic desires is rarely aggressive. Suppose a man or a woman does not differ in delicacy in intimate affairs. In that case, they will not seek sources of pleasure on the side with a constant companion and outside the zone created by the comfort of such a plan.
  • Familiar terrain … A confirmed inclination towards someone sometimes becomes the primary motivation not to embark on something new in your life. A man with reclusive Cancer behavior is not always a miserable person. He may be just comfortable with being in a similar situation. A change of scenery is unnecessary for people who value harmony and disruption above all else.
  • Little necessities of life … Some are willing to settle for little and do not seek to achieve anything more. They are pretty happy with the presence of food in the fridge and the essentials in the wardrobe. Such a lifestyle of such a person is his comfort zone, and he will never envy an influential acquaintance with financial success.
  • Fear of everything new … People with this character type will never try to move up the career ladder or change their field of work. They are happy with a permanent job, even if it does not bring significant income. Learning from scratch is always full of the knowledge of the trial and error method that scares the man in his comfort zone.
  • Laziness of soul and body … Sometimes this factor can be the main reason people refuse to achieve some possibilities in life. Such sleepy flies are, in some cases, too lazy to work on themselves and think about such an operation.
  • Alcoholism and drug addiction … It sounds strange. Still, undoubtedly unhappy people with similar fates are regularly in their artificially prepared comfort zone. From dose to dose and between getting a new amount of strong drink, they feel entirely comfortable and thus build their castle in the sand.

A comfort zone usually occurs for a person when some of the criteria on the list for her appearance have been met. Let’s take vocal aspects of life separately, in rare cases. People feel comfortable and protected from the influence of society one hundred percent. It is not worth leaving the comfort zone only with sexual pleasure because it is this field of vital needs of each person that makes her happy in family life.

Characteristics of people from the comfort zone

People with a similar pattern of behavior can be calculated by their typical responses to certain life events:

  • “My hut is on edge” … Those who do not want to get out of the situation of the heating supply make this phrase the slogan of their existence. With information about instability in the world or troubles that have arisen in one’s immediate environment, such a person goes deep into himself. At the same time, his immersion in nirvana is so evident that it is simply impossible not to notice this movement.
  • Refusal to receive new information … “I don’t see – I don’t hear, and therefore I don’t speak” is the shield of a person in the zone of comfort and denial of events from the outside world. Such people have absolutely no interest in knowing about troubles that do not directly concern themselves. At the same time, they think it is not worth complicating their measured life with the problems of friends who dared to disturb people’s peace in the zone of an information vacuum.
  • Choosing a risk-free activity … People with similar behavioral patterns prefer the option that has pee in their hands rather than a crane in the sky. They are happy with imitating ebullient activities with a relatively low commission for work. High-piece-rate wages are not an option for people in their artificial comfort zone.
  • Living like a vegetable … In this case, we are talking about individuals who are completely satisfied with their way of life in the form of a system “watered – fed – fertilized – this is happiness.” Why should such people think about the meaning of existence when the trough is complete, and the troubles of acquaintances are only their problems?
  • Refusal to end a problematic relationship … Secret masochists, satisfied with their shell protection from all problems, can endure disrespectful treatment for years. It is easier for them to create the appearance of a happy personality than to become them when they leave the dictator. They even consider such relationships with the opposite sex the norm because they do not see the need to change anything in their lives.
  • Common Phrases … Very often, people in their comfort zone answer all other people’s questions in a monotonous and predictable way. From them, you can hear statements like “everything in my life suits me,” “I have enough of what I have,” “I don’t need to change anything, neither now nor in the future,” or “I can’t change anything er, everyone is against me. “

People with such an attitude towards life are rarely aggressive and dangerous individuals who should instill fear in others. However, they do not need to expect significant benefits because such a comfort zone often makes a person hopelessly selfish, dull, or opportunistic.

get out of your comfort zone
get out of your comfort zone

Ways to get out of your comfort zone

Not everyone can leave a warm nest to be able to start active activities to claim their place in the sun. However, some eventually realize that it is necessary to leave their comfort zone for some reason.

Physical ways to get out of your comfort zone

The human body needs regular energy renewal to function at total capacity.

Suppose you want to leave the country created by comfort and inaction. In that case, experts recommend taking the following actions to eliminate the phenomenon that sounded:

  • Physical exercises … In this case, you should try to start your day with morning exercises. To begin with, you can choose a simple set of activities for yourself and increase the load over time. The same active walking around the room will imitate the person not standing still but trying to move forward with their intentions.
  • Registering in a sports league … You can apply the proposed option when you leave the player’s comfort zone. It is unnecessary to immediately change your life by starting visits to the martial arts section. It would be more realistic to join a tennis, badminton, volleyball, or shooting club.
  • Yoga classes … Such exercises help to strengthen not only the human body but also the spirit. After such an experiment, people become more confident in their abilities and begin properly organizing their lives. Peace of mind, multiplied by additional mental and physical energy, results from attending such classes.
  • Jogging with friends … If the person himself does not dare to promote this event on his own in everyday life, then you can call your friends for the company. Someone will help lose weight, someone wants to enjoy the fresh air in the morning, and the organizer of such runs needs them to get out of their comfort zone.
  • A visit to a swimming pool … Nothing tones the body like such water procedures. At the same time as movement is more likely, the body gets rid of stress. Many people who have created a comfort zone are afraid of change due to the likelihood of essential situations. A visit to the swimming pool will help you eliminate such gloomy thoughts because water has the property of relaxation.

All these recommendations will not require a person who wants to get out of their comfort zone and have high physical and material costs. Their result, however, is worth spending the time that will pay for the benefit of the company and the body.

Psychological possibilities of leaving the comfort zone

In addition to the physical methods of leaving the territory of comfort and safety, the following methods of migration from this reluctant friend:

  • Call a friend … A person in his “shell” may stop contacting more energetic and purposeful acquaintances. After making a decision about the expected changes in life, it is worth establishing relations with loved ones. Besides, the advice of a “living” friend will never bother a person who has temporarily closed himself in a cocoon.
  • Walk to unfamiliar places … When asked how to get out of the comfort zone, psychologists advise walking to exciting corners of the area where the advocate lives. These can be protected areas, museums, or areas of historical value.
  • Meeting new people … The beginning of communication with exciting personalities who have achieved a lot in life will positively affect the individual’s intentions to get out of their comfort zone. Optimists tend to energize people who do not have these qualities.
  • Pursuing creativity … It’s never too late to try to start drawing, sculpting, and writing works in poetry or prose. Even if there are no trends in these areas and you will not be able to create a masterpiece, you should not lose heart. The main thing is to believe in yourself and enjoy doing exciting work.
  • Self-development … Experts advise expanding your horizons if you want to get out of your comfort zone. At the same time, you can try to learn a foreign language, which will further help you move up the career ladder. Not every person can become a polygon, but many people can learn from strangers at an intermediate level.
  • Improve life experience … It is time to start active activities to establish daily life. Women can try their hand at knitting, embroidery, and sewing. A few new recipes will also help the woman become an excellent hostess and shake off the cobwebs of everyday life. Men can try their hand at carpentry or repairing household appliances.
  • Interest in new … Being afraid of wolves – don’t go to the forest. It is necessary to cause a complete blow to everything that previously caused, if not fear, then caution and doubt in one’s strength. A person in the comfort zone can try diving for fear of depth, but it is necessary to react very well. Jumping from a height without perceiving an object as a height may end up not solving the problem but giving the poor guy a heart attack. The same applies to the search for a new, higher-paying job. The beginning of the investigation is a declaration of intent. Still, nevertheless, in a difficult economic situation, you should not immediately rush into the pool with your head. It is better to take time off and get a job in a new place than to settle accounts and hope for the best.
  • Buying a pet … A new family member with the same dog will require care for her. As a result, individuals who have fallen into their comfort zone due to sheer laziness of body and soul must rethink their daily routines. Morning walks with a loyal four-legged friend will help an inactive person see the world with entirely different eyes.


In most cases, developing a way out of the comfort zone depends on the person himself. It is up to him to decide how the announced process will be carried out and what actions need to be taken to reach the desired goal.

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