Delayed life syndrome

Delayed life syndrome; what are the variants? Definition and Meaning of Delayed Life Syndrome. The main characteristics of this condition and the types of its diagnostic criteria. General tips for fixing the problem, as well as effective coping strategies.

The variant of delayed life syndrome

Delayed life syndrome has been a significant problem in recent years. What happens to people due to this disease cannot be considered the norm. Today, there are several groups of individuals at once who, for specific reasons, have become aware of this pathology.

Based on these considerations, I identified the following types of delayed life syndromes:

  • Focused on a specific goal … For this type of people, a characteristic feature is the passionate pursuit of their purpose. A man wants to make a particular dream come true so badly that he forgets to live while it comes true. He does not remember fundamental daily issues and needs; he only focuses on one thing. People do not consider it necessary to trade for anything but their future. Often their bosses are called fans of their business or insane employees. The willingness to take work home or extra hours is always there if it only helps get closer to what you want.
  • Someone else’s life comes first … For this type, inherent qualities are the complete opposite of the previous class. It includes people willing to do anything for others but postpone their needs. Most parents do this for their children. The idea is that they will immediately start changing themselves as soon as you help them. With such arguments and beliefs, people can live their whole lives without having time to do anything. First, they create comfort for others, and then they cannot decide at what point it is worth stopping.
  • Uncertainty … The latter type of syndrome is represented by an exciting group of people who cannot choose anything here and now. Life goes by because idleness cannot stop it even for a minute. Such a person always wants to postpone things until tomorrow and wait for a convenient time or day. When he applies for a job, he can choose it for ages differently every time: bad weather, low pay, lack of suitable clothes. The phrase accompanies that as soon as the necessary items appear in his wardrobe, everything will work out and become even better.
Delayed life syndrome
Delayed life syndrome

How to Get Rid of Delayed Life Syndrome

Only a few people notice that they have this problem. Most people like this situation. Moreover, it is beneficial for them. In this way, you can constantly avoid responsibility, not only to others but also to yourself. They don’t need to excuse any of their actions or not do something. After all, discussing plans is always easier than creating them here and now. Nevertheless, delayed life syndrome requires treatment, if only because it impairs the quality of a person’s life and deprives him of many pleasures.

To deal with this problem, it is recommended to remember and follow some of the following rules:

  • Dreams come true today … First of all, it is necessary to say that goals must not only be invented and set for oneself but also fulfilled. Moreover, this should be done shortly but not left indefinitely. You should not look for an excuse for yourself in this way for any reason. If plans are already made, then only in such a way as to achieve their full implementation as soon as possible.
  • The value of the actual moment … Another thing to learn is life today. Remember that tomorrow may not come, and there will be no turning back. And love is not worth waiting for next month, but the present. It would help if you also learned to make it more joyful and enjoyable already at the moment. Only by imbibing this will one understand that one cannot postpone the decision of important matters.
  • Consideration of actions. This item is essential for almost all people. It is especially true for the group of individuals who live according to the interests of others. They must understand that they can only execute every move and phrase if it is profitable. It is also worth remembering that you cannot constantly put the interests of others before your own. You need to stop this behavior and do everything you can to cut it out of your life forever. It is also essential because such actions can harm a child or a loved one. As a result, he becomes helpless and unable to integrate into society.
  • Care for the present People must do everything to change their reality. To achieve something in the future, you have to make an effort already here, in the present. If the dream is in a beautiful form, then you need to start limiting yourself to food at this moment. The same applies to work and marriage. You can’t make plans and wait for them to come true.
  • Awareness of the uniqueness of life … Many individuals with this pathology act as if they have several chances to exist in this world at once. They do almost all the work slowly, making no effort to achieve their goals. From the outside, it may seem like playing an actor at half-strength. The behavior suggests that this is just a practice. And honest, real life is only planned. Such thinking is unhealthy and requires immediate correction.
  • Taking every opportunity … Another habit of such people is a problem. They like to postpone all the options given to them now for later. We should also eradicate this point. If one was allowed to use it and not wait for the right moment. It is necessary to learn to take everything from life to the maximum, to seize happy moments from every second. It is also important to remember that this may not be the case tomorrow. Therefore, it is worth starting to act now to live happily.
  • Planning for the present … Many people make plans for the future, but you need to learn how to prepare for the near future. If you spread it right, you can have time to do much more than anything. This way, you will be one step closer to achieving your goal, but this will already happen.


All our thoughts are material. Today we wait for the best weather and tomorrow for the ideal life partner. Such a cycle of events forces people to exist in their dreams for a long time. Finally, the world does not wait for the beginning of this finest moment. It leads one to complete unfulfillment as a character. To prevent this, you need to be realistic about your surroundings and do your incredible things in the present.

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