LPG massage: What are the benefits?

LPG massage; what are the benefits? What is LPG massage, and how does it affect the body, contraindications, and possible harm? 

LPG massage (endermology) is a procedure to smooth scars after trauma. However, cosmetologists noticed that massage sessions positively affect the skin, reducing fat substances, so they began to use them successfully to fight cellulite.

What is LPG massage?

LPG massage was invented by the French esthetician Louis Paul Gutet in 1973. The creator of the technique had an accident and was looking for a way that would allow him to accelerate the regeneration of skin cells.

So the device for LPG massage was developed, which allows you to deal with many physiological defects and injuries:

  • Dysfunction of muscles, ligaments, and joints due to sprains and bruises;
  • Postoperative, post-burn scar;
  • Inflammation;
  • Vascular diseases;
  • Relieve pain;
  • Recovery from exercise.

However, in using LPG massage for the body, the patients noticed an improvement in the appearance of the skin, an increase in elasticity, and a decrease in body volume. Gradually, the procedure began to break down fat deposits under the skin and remove toxins and excess fluid from the body.

Anti-cellulite massage is performed using a vacuum device manufactured by the French company LPG. Compared to devices of the 1980s, modern machines have a wide range of features and functions—original devices under the strict control of the American certification system for medical and cosmetic innovations FDA.

The handle of the device is equipped with two rollers. One, under the influence of negative pressure, captures skin folds and subcutaneous fat and kneads it. Another roll smooths out the crease. The grip force is automatically adjusted and can be adjusted according to the body’s characteristics and the patient’s wishes.

Unique thin clothing is required during the procedure. It is offered to customers in any salon where LPG machines are available. The clothes are necessary to prevent bruises after the massage. Thanks to it, the rollers slide nicely over the body, and hygiene requirements are respected.

LPG massage
LPG massage

If the patient does not have excess fat and massage is used to improve well-being, 10 procedures 1-2 times a week are sufficient. For cellulite, up to 17 courses are prescribed with a frequency of up to 3 times a week.

The price of LPG massages for 1 half-hour session, but salons often hold promotions and discounts. Thanks to them, you can take the course cheaper by paying immediately for procedures at a reduced price—massage clothes are sold separately.

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