Marriage of convenience: Advantages and disadvantages of convenience

Marriage of convenience; what are the advantages and disadvantages? The psychology and reasons for such a marriage. Who needs it? The pros and cons of rational love. It is important to know! It’s an unequal marriage of convenience. Let’s say when a woman marries a rich man and submits to his precepts. In such a marriage, she will not find happiness. If children appear in such a family, it is unlikely that they will have a happy childhood.

The downside of a marriage of convenience

Marriages of convenience have not only positive but also negative aspects. Often a good feature of such unions develops into its opposite – it becomes a bad feature of “smart” marriages.

The disadvantages of a marriage of convenience can be the following nuances of cohabitation:

  • No immense feeling … They got married for their commercial interests. Let’s say he needs a residence permit, and she needs a cute husband. There was no great love between them; they completely cooled to each other over time. Divorce is inevitable.
  • Optional sex … They agreed that they both wanted to break into people, for example. And they decided that together it would be easier to achieve their goal. Marital relations were not the main thing for them. By mutual agreement, they can go “sideways .”There is no jealousy. Marriage is for show only.
  • Addiction … When they decided to formalize their relationship, they were in the same situation but became rich in marriage. Let’s say this is the significant “fault” of the husband. He began to treat his half inadequately, taking advantage of her in every possible way, saying that only thanks to him she had a decent life. Intentionally or involuntarily, she becomes dependent on her husband. If she leaves her position, this will drag on for years. Until she rebelled, but this protest could end in tears for her. For example, he will kick her out of the house without money.
  • Spouse walks … The goals are common, but they live together irregularly. Initially, she did not pay much attention to this. And when they became rich, I suddenly realized that the “rest” of the husband on the side undermines the well-being of the family. A partner can find another younger and more effective. Got jealous. Family relations have significantly deteriorated.
  • Money above all else: When they married, the goal was to achieve material well-being. And when money appeared in the house, the husband (wife) suddenly began to count every penny. He closed many family financial projects from love to hate in one step. The woman hated her husband so much that she began to wish him dead. Sometimes, they commit a crime in such cases: a woman kills her faithful or hires an assassin.
  • Children are suffering … When they signed, everyone pursued their goals. But as a result, they did not materialize. The relationship has become strained; both are unhappy with each other. Children feel it but do not know the reasons for their parent’s behavior. They become irritable and hilarious and need more attention. They can study poorly; teachers criticize their behavior. The family has difficulties with their upbringing.
  • Frequent quarrels … She married him, hoping she would contain. And the husband does not give the required amount for maintenance. Money is constantly not enough; he gets angry when she tells him about it. A spouse feels like a bird in a golden cage. There is no average psychological climate in such a family. Peace is absent.
  • Suspicion … For example, a man did not love her, but he needed her parents’ connection. She ran after and married him, hoping “she will endure and fall in love.” It didn’t happen. The husband is often not at home; she suspects him of treason, cries constantly, and accuses him of paying too little attention to her. The atmosphere in the family is “wet”; it is continuously on your nerves.
  • “Unclean” marriage … means that one of the spouses hides their true thoughts when they get married. For example, a guy swears his love to his girlfriend. And in his mind, he only needs a record of her living space. After a few years of marriage, he divorces but keeps part of the apartment. He achieved his goal, and she could only wipe away the tears. Sometimes men are left behind.
  • A failed marriage … She married a foreigner out of convenience. She hoped for a rich and happy life, but it turned out that her husband had deceived her. Became his sex slave, with no rights and no money. Forcefully broke away from a “warm” embrace and returned home.
  • A fictitious marriage … This is purely a business relationship between two people. There was never love or even sex between them. She only registered with him because she would help travel abroad. And there, they spread in different directions.
  • Leaving the family … She got married, hoping to escape her parents as soon as possible. They are drunkards, and there is no life in such a family. She doesn’t like the guy; she wants him. As soon as I felt independent, I left him.
  • They are entirely different people … They married for convenience; let’s say they have a joint business, but the souls are not related. They live under the same roof, but their spiritual needs differ. Let’s say she loves the theater, and he prefers hanging out with friends over a beer. Such “different” interests will sooner or later lead to severe conflicts in the family. Divorce is possible.

It is important to know! In a marriage of convenience, the parties contracts are unspoken. If one of the couples violated them, he did not realize his dream, which pushed him to such a commercial step.

Marriage of convenience
Marriage of convenience


In our rational age, emotions have faded into the background. Now the main thing is high income. There is nothing wrong with that. Money gives you freedom: I will buy what I want and go where I want. But still, we must not forget feelings. Marriage is more suitable when true love goes far away, and only business, calculating relationships prevail between spouses, impoverishment of the family, does not spiritually lead into it. Commercialism stifles the freedom of the soul, imposes its behavioral conditions on it, it becomes coarse. Is it any wonder that now so much is said about a person’s fragility and lack of spirit?

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