Joint diseases: Prevention of joint diseases

Joint diseases; how to prevent them? If you care about the fate of the teams, be sure to read this article. It contains the most effective ways to strengthen joints and prevent diseases in the musculoskeletal system.

Chondroprotectors for joints

We are talking about glucosamine and chondroitin. It is better to use them together; together, they work more effectively. These two complementary remedies increase their ability to fight joint diseases.

Glucosamine is actively involved in the formation of ligaments and cartilage. It is essential for connective tissue and tendons. The food supplement is perfectly absorbed even when the absorption of nutrients is reduced due to diseases of the digestive system. Chondroitin is another excellent anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating agent.

Preventive measures must be taken in courses and regularly, at least twice a year. If we talk about the dose of glucosamine, then it should be 1500 milligrams every day. As for chondroitin sulfate, the indicator is different – 100 milligrams. The duration of treatment may vary, but your doctor will choose the best cycle for you.

Nutrition for joint recovery

During the day, one should vary the diet. It is necessary to provide the body with vitamins and minerals in sufficient quantities. It will have a positive effect on the general condition of the joints.

It is good to eat calcium-rich low-fat dairy products. It is important to eat fish because it contains omega-3 fatty acids. Thanks to this, the risk of joint diseases is significantly reduced. Should pay particular attention to hydration. During the day, you should consume at least one and a half liters. It applies to carbonated mineral water.

What is suitable for a team?

  • Vitamins. Dietary supplements such as vitamins C and E have successfully improved joint function. They relieve arthritis pain and cartilage injuries.
  • Turmeric. It is a spice that is used to make many kinds of delicacies. The herb contains natural antioxidants—a great helper for a team.
  • Gelatin. It is a protein that is an active assistant in cartilage regeneration. Taking collagen from animal bones as a dietary supplement can significantly improve joint health. The course of treatment is a maximum of three months, and the dose is 10 mg ten per day.
  • Fat. Acids play a vital role: linoleic acid and gamma-linolenic acid.
 Prevention of joint diseases
Prevention of joint diseases

Joint treatment

  • Ointments, which include chicken, extract … A very effective remedy for joint problems.
  • Olive oil. It is a miracle drug that will be a great preventative against arthritis. Eat olive oil regularly, and your joints will be in perfect condition.
  • Acupuncture. With the help of acupuncture, it will be possible to relieve many painful feelings in the joints. This method is much more effective than taking pills or special ointments.

It would help if you were very careful about your health. After all, this is a virtual gift in a person’s life. In case of painful sensations, it is essential to consult a doctor. Self-medication can make a difficult situation worse.

Do not forget to consult your trainer – he will create the most suitable training program that will be gentle on the joints.

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