Man’s manicure: How to do a man’s manicure, right?

Man’s manicure; how to do it at home? The technique of performing manicure man has several functions that are useful to know about before starting it. The idea that manicure for men is something shameful is long outdated. Today, most vigorous sex is not afraid to visit a manicure master. No special tools are needed to create a manicure for a person.

Features of manicures for men

A manicure outfit for men has some sensitivities and specific differences from a woman’s:

  • Must take the structural characteristics of the male nail into account. The nail plate is rougher and denser in representatives of the more vigorous sex, but it is difficult to register.
  • Manicure for men is more practical than decorative.
  • Manicure for men is a mandatory hygiene procedure that helps to effectively prevent fungal diseases and significantly improve the appearance of the skin on the hands.
  • Men have a low pain threshold, so they often refuse to cut a manicure. Therefore, you can use unique products or peel the skin with fruit acids to soften the cuticles.
  • The shape of the nails should be on the fingers.
  • Creating a manicure for a man takes no less time than a woman’s.

What are the types of manicures for men?

Today, in beauty salons, men are offered several types of manicures, which can do independently at home:

  • Classic – the peculiarity of this type of manicure is cutting the cuticle around the nail plate. If you follow all the recommendations for softening the cuticles correctly, the entire procedure will be completely painless.
  • American – as a rule, men most often choose this type of manicure. During its execution, tweezers are not used, frightening the more vigorous sex. First, the cuticle is softened, but then it is pushed back a little with a special orange stick, and its circumcision is not performed.
  • European- with this manicure, the edge of the nail is painted in a light shade, and the entire nail plate is covered with flesh-colored varnish. A French manicure can be the perfect solution to restore the healthy appearance of yellow nails. You can also cover the nail plate with a colorless varnish.
  • Hardware manicure – men are often asked to do this particular manicure. During the procedure, a unique device and various attachments are used to grind, polish, and file the nail plate. Also, this manicure option helps to avoid multiple cuts and wounds.
  • SPA manicure – this type of manicure provides men with incomparable relaxation. Hands are soaked in special baths filled with therapeutic solutions, followed by a massage with various essential oils.
  • Hot manicure – when this version of the manicure is performed, all actions are performed, as in the classic one. The only peculiarity is that the man’s hands are immersed in a unique solution of hot oils with paraffin (the composition has an acceptable temperature and is impossible to burn during the procedure). This care can give softness to men’s hands, while a rough call is quickly removed.

How to do a man’s manicure correctly: execution techniques

Creating a man’s manicure does not require special knowledge or skills, but it is better to use the following action plan.

Softens the skin

The most critical and essential step is to soften the hardened skin on the hands in any solution. Still, the ideal option would be to use a decoction of medicinal herbs. Without this phase, it is simply impossible to create the perfect manicure.

You can choose one of the solution options:

  • Soapy water;
  • Ordinary hot water;
  • Any oil – for example, olive oil, which is preheated to a comfortable temperature, but is not allowed to boil, otherwise you can burn;
  • A particular ready-made product for hand baths that contains a complete complex of emollient and moisturizing ingredients.

For the procedure, you must pick up a sufficiently deep container into which a hot solution is poured. Hands are lowered into the liquid for about 15 minutes, after which the next stage of the manicure begins.

Cutting the cuticles

Must remove the dry cuticle around the nail and the lattice without delay. With a manicure, the cuticle is first softened and then carefully cut with a unique tool.

Many men don’t want to cut their cuticles, so you can use certain products designed to soften the cuticle but then push it back with an orange stick. It would help if you cut the spikes at the root, but the most important thing here is not to overdo it. Otherwise, there is a risk of injury to the delicate skin.

Treatment of the nail bed

Treating the area around the nail is essential when getting a manicure after you can easily remove the first step (wetting your hands), rough and dead skin with fine nail scissors or a unique tool.

Filing the nail

Manicure for men has only one limitation – the shape of the nail – the cut should be straight and strictly along the finger pads. It is best to file the nail with a glass nail, as it has a softer and more soothing effect.

The file must be kept perpendicular to the nail during the work and seen strictly in one direction. It is strictly forbidden to randomly move nail files in different directions, as such actions significantly damage the nail’s structure and may lead to its breaking down.

Polish the nail surface

A healthy nail always has a natural and beautiful shine. To get this effect, the nail’s surface is polished after all the previous stages are completed. For this purpose, you can use particular polishing files that give the nail plate the desired shine. You can use it at home and with a simple, plain cloth.

Moisturizing hands

The last and no less important step in creating a man’s manicure is to shave your hands. For this, you can use absolutely any moisturizer or oil. This step is necessary to calm the irritated skin around the nails.

At a beauty salon, you may be offered to cover your nails with a special varnish. But do not panic because such varnish is entirely transparent and will not be visible. The primary purpose of the varnish is to strengthen and protect the nail plate from various external damages and give it a beautiful glossy shine.

Man's manicure
Man’s manicure

Men’s manicure tools

You can easily do a manicure at home, and you need minimal equipment to work. It is essential, after each procedure, to disinfect the instruments without fail.

To create a manicure for men, you need to take the following tools:

  • Equipment for softening a bath. The first stage of a man’s manicure should not be neglected, as the skin on the hands needs additional softening and moisturizing. For this purpose, you can also use simple vegetable oil or soapy water, but the composition must be heated. Softening bath products are available in specialty stores.
  • Must prepare fine nail scissors for work. I will use them to shorten nails and remove burrs. When choosing scissors, you should not buy the cheapest option, as it will not last long. It is best to choose high-quality nail scissors that will not become dull after the first operation.
  • A pusher is a metal rod that has two working surfaces. On one side, there is a spatula, which perfectly suits the shape of the nail and is necessary to separate the cuticle from the pin. On the other hand, there is a pointed tip, with the help of which the space around the nail plate is cleaned.
  • Pliers for a manicure. This tool is irreplaceable because it helps remove cuticles and dead skin around the nail quickly and easily. Nippers come in a variety of tip shapes and sizes. Some models are only suitable for pedicures.
  • Register. This tool shortens the nail and gives it the desired shape. Make nail files from various materials, but glass, ceramic, and crystal options are the most popular. It is worth stopping the use of metal files, as they cause severe damage to the structure of the nail.
  • Buff. It is used in the final stage of the manicure, where it is used to polish the nails. This tool has a soft abrasive, but you can easily replace it at home with a simple woolen cloth, beautifying the nail surface to a glossy shine.
  • Hand oil or moisturizer. Do not give up additional moisturizing skin on the hands, especially for men. This method is most important for those representatives of the more vigorous sex who constantly work physically with their hands.

List of tools needed to complete a man’s manicure at home.

Valuable tips on the technique of performing a male manicure

The procedure for an independent manicure is straightforward. Only a little practice is necessary very soon; I will work on all the skills for automation. The process itself takes no more than 30 minutes.

Men dislike making a softening bath for nails, as such entertainment only irritates them. Instead of this procedure, you can shower, after which the skin on your hands will be soft enough, and you can proceed directly to the manicure. Must shorten the length of the nails if they have grown by more than a few millimeters. Removing cuticles and cuticles only with special tweezers is recommended to avoid injury. Using a soft nail file is best to shape the nail into the appropriate shape.

Men do not always have time to remove the cuticles, but in this case, you can use one simple but effective folk method. The nail bath area should be lubricated once a week with lemon balm. Lemon contains unique fruit acids that quickly dissolve the skin around the nail plate.

Very quickly, a manicure for a man becomes an entirely standard hygiene procedure that can be done easily and quickly by you at home and only spend a little time.

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