What happens if you run every day, is it necessary and useful?

Want to know what will happen if you run every day? Is it helpful or rather harmful? Let’s list all the pros and cons, have a little battle! At the end of the article, we will summarize and find out if you need to run every day or better every other day.

Do I have to run daily? What will happen?

Everyone around is shouting about the unbeatable benefits of running, marathons are being held worldwide, modern parks with excellent infrastructure for runners are being built in cities, and it has become fashionable to show up on treadmills on social networks. In the face of such powerful propaganda, more and more people are starting to run.

run every day


However, according to the program, not everyone involved in the program assesses their physical ability soberly and does not compare them correctly with goals. So let’s list the benefits of the daily routine:

. Gel strengthens the cardiovascular system;

Promotes weight loss, effective in the fight against obesity;

Normalizes metabolism, lowers blood cholesterol;

. Helps to relax, treats depression, anxiety;

It has a beneficial effect on the health of women and men, reproductive function;

. Develops the respiratory tract perfectly;

Strengthens self-esteem, increases endurance;

. It is an ideal way to eliminate sedentary life.

Remember to breathe correctly when you are running. Do not be lazy to read specific material on this topic.

We have listed the available benefits of running regularly, but why is jogging useful every day?

. You will improve your fitness;

. Professionals in sports will prepare perfectly for the competition;

. Train your muscles;

Strengthen joints and ligaments with the right approach;

You will lose weight (especially if you follow your diet);

. Develop a great habit.


What do you think will happen if you start running every day for clothing? If you have informal training and which lesson torments you? How long will you be able to force yourself to go out on the track by force?

Does it make sense to run every day if you are not ready for it yet? If your muscles hurt, do you not have enough motivation, your respirator breaks down, and your heart rate drops every 200 meters? Who and why should not run every day? Let’s record:

. Daily cardiac function in the elderly is not recommended. If you want to run every day, switch to walking;

The same can be said for people with poor health. If you suffer from any chronic illness, be sure to consult a doctor before you start exercising;

. The answer to the question “is it worth running every day” if you are a beginner in sports will be negative. It is vital to go straight into the sports track and exercise restraint. Your body in the future will say “Thank you” more than once for this;

Athletes recovering from injuries should also not participate in this mode – it will only get worse;

Running every day is not recommended for athletes who want to build muscle. With aerobic exercise, the weight will disappear, which means your efforts will be wasted. Exception if your goal is to “dry.”

Running 3 times a week, what will happen?

Now we know if it’s good or bad to exercise without rest, and as you can see, this load is better suited for advanced runners. Newcomers, the elderly, and those who cannot boast of excellent health can rest between exercises.

Is jelly every day harmful if you have not fallen into any of these categories? No, but still, you have to be careful. Listen to your body and especially to the condition of your joints and ligaments. What do you think is right to run every day, despite the pain and muscle aches? Of course not! Exercise without fanaticism because training should be fun.

The benefits of running every day and every other day are generally the same, but in the first case, the strain is, of course, more significant. Each athlete must decide for themselves which exercise to practice.

Once again, we listed the factors that should be analyzed before starting the competition:

Age of athlete;

Health level;

Existence or contraindication of contraindications;

Running experience;

. Preparation stage;

. Purpose: muscle gain, dehydration, weight, preparation for competition, improved health, mood, etc .;

Do you practice other sports at the same time?

. Analyze these points yourself, and you will understand how best to run for yourself: every day or other days.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of doing 3 times a week:

. Your body will get a moderate load;

. Weight will stop growing, and in the case of a low-fat diet, it will even decrease;

Beginner runners introduce the proper useful habit in daily life;

. You will have a great mood; you will even be proud of yourself!

. However, if you run every day, the results would be better;

With three times a week, you are unlikely to prepare well for a competition;

. Most likely, you will not lose weight so that it is noticeable to others.

Should we run every day, or should we take turns every other day, draw that conclusion. In our opinion, there is no urgent need for the excessive activity of amateurs. Do not neglect rest to maintain your shape and health, as well as to enjoy yourself.

But for experienced athletes who want to improve their performance, on the contrary, it will not hurt to go out on the track regularly and without spending. By the way, many athletes are interested in how often they can run each day because most of them are willing to exercise both in the morning and the evening. We believe that this mode is only worth practicing if you are preparing for competitive sports. In all other cases, such a volume is inappropriate.

How much time to study?

Now, you know if it is harmful or helpful to run every day, and hopefully, you make the right decision for yourself. Check out our course duration tips:

The best time for one workout is 40-60 minutes at average speed;

If you are going to run intermittent jogging, downhill jogging, or weight training, then it is appropriate to reduce the length to 25-30 minutes;

. For weight loss, it is essential to spend at least 40 minutes on the track regularly. Only after this period will the body break down fat, before it processes on glycogen;

During rehabilitation after injury, while the health is recovering from a chronic illness, the elderly and the disadvantaged should exercise for more than 40 minutes. At the same time, try to switch to speed or walk more often.

So what do you think if you run every day for a whole month? You lose weight, strengthen your muscles and become a little more resilient. If this ends your relationship with sports, the result will be useless after another month. If it continues, it will be even better after 30 days. The catch is that not everyone can keep up with the pace. That is why it is essential to exercise correctly.

According to statistics, 90% of people who stop running in the morning say that the task was too tricky. By trying to satisfy their vanities (immediately decided to prove their cool to everyone), they took away the pride (which will always be present in successful runners). Hopefully, based on everything said in this article, you have decided for yourself in what mode you should run. Choose the right choice!


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