After a workout, the head hurts the next day: why did it come up?

You cannot ignore the condition you have a headache after a workout. Yes, you may be unwell from the last round or overweight today. Or, corny, do not follow the proper techniques to perform heavy exercises; in some cases, however, this may be the first symptom of a severe illness.

In this article, we will outline all the causes of headaches after exercise and suggest ways to prevent this condition and treatments. Read to the end – in the final, we will explain how you should go to the doctor immediately.

after a workout.

Why it hurts: 10 reasons

Headaches after a workout in the gym are usually due to a lot of stress. All physical activity for the body is a shock. Stress conditions trigger a protective response – temperature control, optimal metabolism of water salts, increased blood flow for better cell nutrition, etc. As a result, the brain’s food fades in the background; the blood vessels in the head are significantly narrowed.

With moderate stress, the body can maintain balance as none of the vital systems suffer. However, suppose you frequently exercise, rest a little and at the same time constantly increase the load. In that case, it is not surprising that you have a headache after exercising. Headaches are usually accompanied by nausea, muscle aches, insomnia, fatigue, and general malaise.

Unfortunately, overtraining is far from the only reason.

So why after a workout do you have a headache and nausea? We announce a list of possible explanations:

  1. Active training without proper recovery. We wrote about this above;
  2. A significant jump in pressure. It often happens if you increase the load suddenly, without preparation;
  3. Lack of oxygen. During training, oxygen first reaches the muscles and then only the brain. Sometimes conditions develop into hypoxia, where the pain is inevitable;
  4. Disruption of average circulation. As a result of the stress on specific muscles and organs, blood flows more vital to them. In this case, the rest of the organs are affected;
  5. A dangerous condition where the head after exercise is often sore in the temples. Remember to drink plenty of water during your workout and before and after;
  6. To put it simply, a decrease in blood sugar levels. It is associated with a lot of exercises, especially with a low-carb diet.
  7. Wrong technique for performing strength training. Most often, it is associated with improper breathing techniques or incorrect execution of movements, where the shoulders and neck receive the main load;
  8. If the child has a headache after training, gently ask if he was hit, fell, if there were uncomfortable sharp movements in the neck or head, accompanied by severe pain. Especially if the head hurts after boxing or another sport that has a significant impact;
  9. When your head hurts after a workout, you should make sure you have not injured your neck or stretched your back muscles;
  10. Stress, depression, bad moods, or psychological stress can also be reasons why something hurts you somewhere.

Well, we found out why some people have headaches after exercise. Have you found your explanation? Check out the solutions below.

What to do when the head hurts

If you have a lot of headaches after training immediately or the day after, it is clear that it will be tough to endure. But do not rush to directly run to the pharmacy for drugs because there are comprehensive methods to solve the problem.

So what to do if you have a headache after exercise:

. Stop immediately;

. Take a contrast shower or hot bath;

. Brew herbal tea from mint, lemon balm, chamomile, cruciferous, St. John’s wort;

. Measure the pressure; make sure the reason is not a sharp jump in one direction or another;

. Lie quietly with your head above your feet;

. If you have lavender oil, rub it into whiskey;

If all else fails and the pain only increases, it is wise to take the medication in this case.

Note: That the doctor must decide to take medication. If you go to the pharmacy yourself, you are responding to your own risk and risk. In this article, we will only point out ways to solve the problem, but in no case do we recommend taking action on your own.

What drugs can help?

. Painkillers – relieves painkillers soon;

. Anticonvulsant – eliminates muscle cramps, relieves pain;

. Medicines to bring your blood pressure back to normal – only if you are sure that the cause is your blood pressure;

. Vasodilators – increase blood flow and eliminate hypoxia;

Preventive measures

To avoid conditions that cause headaches after each intense workout, follow these guidelines:

  1. Do not exercise on a full stomach. After the last meal, at least 2 hours should pass;
  2. Before you buy a subscription, go for a medical examination to make sure that training is not contraindicated for you;
  3. Never go to the gym if you feel unwell or sick;
  4. Get enough sleep and rest;
  5. Always start exercising with warming up and after the central part, cool down;
  6. Increase the load on any muscle group;
  7. Follow proper exercise techniques;
  8. Do not forget to drink water;
  9. Make sure you follow proper breathing techniques;
  10. Monitor your heart rate

These simple rules minimize the risk of getting a headache, but only if the cause is one-time and is not related to a severe problem.

When should you stay awake and see a doctor?

If you have persistent headaches after exercise and no cure can help, check to see if other symptoms are listed below:

. Regular fainting

. The pain does not go away at all, even the next day, until the next exercise;

. In addition to the fact that the head hurts, there is confusion, mental disorder;

. Seizures occur;

. The pain is regular, develops instantly, and also disappears quickly within a few seconds;

. Migraine is accompanied by fever, nausea, vomiting;

. In addition to the head, the spine, the neck is sore; the eyeballs are pressed;

. You have recently suffered from an infectious disease.

We recommend that you do not delay visiting a doctor in all cases. The syndrome cannot be ignored. If your health is dear to you, do not save time or money – go through a thorough examination. Remember that people do not usually have headaches after exercise. All pain is a sign, the body’s way of letting the owner know that something is going wrong. Respond in time!

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