Mastering the Art of New York Girl Style

It’s effortlessly cool, casual, and sophisticated all at once. New York Girl is the edgy older sister we never knew we needed, teaching us all the essential style rules to stand out of the crowd but still be comfy and practical. The most important factor to rock all these garments, Confidence; here are all the style tips you need to look like a baddie from the Big Apple.

New York Girl

Leggings work as pants.

And it’s even better if they’re leather! Real leather pants can be uncomfortable and sweaty, so opt for these leggings, which do what joggings do — make it look like you’re wearing pants while letting your waistline breathe.

All Black Everything

 New York Girl love black — that’s no secret. And there’s never too much of it. However, you can always play around by layering different kinds of black. For instance — leather pants paired with a sparkly blacktop or shiny black patent leather shoes with a more matte top.

A leather jacket can change anything.

A motorcycle jacket, or classic leather jacket, can be added to absolutely any outfit. With jeans and a white tee, it’s casual. With a long flowing gown, it’s a punk rock princess. Take your pick and mix your aesthetics as desired!

Ankle boots are a must.

Ankle boots lift you just a bit — you can choose the stacked heel height that you’re comfortable with. Ankle boots pair perfectly with skinny jeans and have less of an intense look than a knee-high boot. They’re versatile with any look.

 Cool sneakers

You don’t need sky-high stilettos to be in New York Girl. Just think of all those horrific street-serious accidents! However, stylish sneakers look just as attractive and can be worn with anything from a dress to a jumpsuit. The chunkier, the better — go with all white or black if you’re a minimalist, but color-blocked options are very striking.

Plaid blazers

Blazers can look stuffy and overly formal, but not if you choose the right one. Opt for a classy plaid blazer that hits below the hip. Buttoned up with slacks, it can be a powerful and entrepreneurial look. Unbuttoned with relaxed jeans and a white tee, it’s the ultimate happy hour look.

 White tee

A white tee is a basic essential in every New York Girl closet, and it should be one for you too. We’re talking multiple white tees! A V-neck, a scoop-neck, and a cropped choice — they can dress an outfit up or down. Don’t get these in a multi-pack from the dollar store. Invest in high-quality materials and items that truly fit your body — it’ll show.

Mom jeans

No, there aren’t boyfriend jeans. They’re high-waisted but relaxed and make your booty look incredible! Skinny jeans are still a great wardrobe staple, but sometimes you want to slip into a comfortable, faded pair of Levi’s. Pair with your favorite sneakers and a cropped sweatshirt for the ultimate New York Girl look.

 Embrace neutrals

All-black is a foolproof look, but wearing neutrals is just as chic. Whether it’s grey, navy, or camel, these colors automatically make silhouettes wearable and sleek. It rings especially true for neutrals in materials like silk, wool, and cashmere, so consider investing in a chic rent or kimono.

Statement tote

A statement tote can spruce up an outfit but is a practical and functional addition to any outfit — even the most basic one. It’s stylish but holds everything you need in an organized space and is a more mature look than a backpack. It doesn’t have to be a designer, but it should have a streamlined look integrated with the rest of your wardrobe.

Every girl needs a slip dress.

Whether you’re wearing this under a sheer or semi-sheer look or want a free and casual take on the LBD, a good slip dress is essential. New York Girl commonly wears it with over-the-knee boots, and a choker like this beauty has styled it. It’s elegant and rebellious all at once — plus, it’s a lot more enjoyable than being sucked into a tight bandage dress.

 Opt for slouchy silhouettes

We love a slouchy silhouette — it’s such high fashion and simultaneously just as comfortable as wearing loungewear outside the house. Consider a slouchy, monochromatic suit for a total boss babe moment or wide-legged pants, also known as palazzo pants. Slouchy sweaters and sweater dresses are also a must.

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