How to Choose the Right Curly Hair Salon for You

Curly hair is complex and requires specialized training to cut and style appropriately. Thankfully, some stylists specialize in curly and textured hair and can offer salon products formulated for your curl pattern and texture.

Be sure to choose a comfortable stylist cutting curly hair, and ask plenty of questions during the consultation. If you’re looking for a salon for your next curly cut, here are some of the best ways to find one.:

Ask for Recommendations

Finding suitable curly hair salons near me is like finding your soul mate for many curly-haired women. One unique blind date could lead to your perfect curl BFF, or you may spend a few years kissing frogs before you find the one.

Before selecting a stylist, it’s advisable to inquire about recommendations. Reach out to other curly-haired friends to see if they have any stylists they love, then check them out on social media. Look for posts featuring looks that interest you, and also pay attention to how the stylist styles their tresses.

Once you’ve scouted out a few stylists, could you schedule a consultation? It’s an excellent idea for you and your stylist to communicate and agree on how your desired haircut will complement your hair texture. This also enables the stylist to observe your curl pattern up close.

Check Reviews

Finding a hairstylist who understands curly and kinky hair can be like finding your soul mate. One unique blind date can end up in total hair bliss, or you may spend a lot of time kissing frogs before landing on that person who makes your curls feel and look fantastic.

Asking for recommendations from other curly friends and checking online reviews are excellent places to start. Look for reviews that mention the stylists’ experience with curly hair. Try to find photos of their work that resemble yours.

Lastly, make sure to visit the salon’s website to discover all of the services they provide. They should have a list of services, a price range, and a photo gallery with before and after pictures. They should also have information on their hair care products and tips for maintaining curly hair at home. The right curly hair salon will help you bring your style dreams to life while keeping your curls healthy and robust.

Ask for a Consultation

Although word of mouth and online reviews can be helpful, choosing a stylist by personally meeting them is recommended. Ask about their education and credentials, and find out if they have experience working with curly hair.

During your consultation, share inspirational photos of styles you love and tell them what you want to accomplish with your cut. You’ll also want to ask them about your lifestyle and whether or not your desired style will be effortless for you to maintain.

It’s also a good idea to bring a leave-in conditioner with you so your stylist can keep your curls hydrated during the cut. It will help to prevent frizz and flyaways. You should also ask the stylist if they prefer to cut your hair wet or dry. Some stylists like to dry their clients’ hair so they can get a better look at the curl pattern. How to figure out your curly hair type — and why it matters.

Choose the Right Curly Hair Salon
Choose the Right Curly Hair Salon

Ask for a Free Consultation

Finding a salon that understands curls, kinks, and coils is like hunting for your soulmate. It may take a few notable blind dates and some kissing of frogs before you find your match. But with the proper preparation, you can land a stylist and salon that meets your needs.

The best way to narrow your search is to ask for a consultation when calling the salon. This will allow you to see the stylist in person and communicate your hair goals (i.e., do you want to add more volume or enhance your curl pattern)?

A stylist who knows curly hair can also tell if something won’t work with your texture; for instance, they won’t try to cut your curls into the triangle shape many curly-haired girls hate. If they say that’s not what they do, keep looking. Lastly, ask the stylist if they have any certifications or special training for cutting curly hair and what products they recommend for your particular texture.

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