Manicure: What is the purpose of the manicure?

Manicure options for every day, step by step. Trade secrets, French and newspaper manicure, deficit at home.

Daily manicure is a nail polish that is suitable for daily. It’s not hard to do at home. However, it is important to choose a profitable design that fits your image. Consider how to get a manicure for each day.

Features of manicure for everyday

Manicure suitable for everyday use should be simple and practical. Do not make too many ornaments or sculptures: they interfere with household chores, stick to clothes, and so on.

Choose 1 or 2-3 shades that match well with your favorite clothes, and style. Daily manicures should be decorated without being striking.

We offer options that will definitely fit:

  • Monochrome manicure for every day … This is a classic that will never go out of fashion. Varnish manufacturers offer so many shades that you can find the right one. The monochrome version is convenient and easy to implement. Use glossy or matte varnishes: they look stylish. It is allowed to make a light drawing on one finger or decorate the nail with rhinestones.
  • Using a rub … To create a pearly coating, use a rub. It is a cost-effective alternative to traditional varnish. The massage has different shades, including pearl and mirror.
  • French manicure … Lightweight jacket is suitable for all events. It looks striking and fits any outfit. If you decorate the jacket with glitter or rhinestones, but in moderation, you can give the image solemnity.
  • Minimalism … You can create a stylish manicure for every day if you use minimal nuances and simple geometric shapes. The minimum style does not tolerate stones or glitter, but it looks expensive and sometimes chic. Use contrasting tones to draw attention to your appearance.
  • Simple printing … A beautiful manicure for every day is obtained if a simple drawing is made on monochrome nails. Stacks, patterns, flowers, and diagrams of animals allow you to create a vivid, attractive image. For photos, black or white lines on contrasting backgrounds, and a mix of red with pink or white are suitable.
  • With stickers … You can create a fashionable manicure for every day at home without knowing how to paint. Use nail stickers for this purpose. There are a variety of designs for sale: open patterns, floral prints, exotic animals, and landscapes. Use stickers to decorate 1-2 nails: keep the beauty in a strict everyday manicure.
  • With a negative space … Everyday manicure ideas use contrasting tones, but part of the nail is unpainted. Red and green are actually combined, black with white, pink, or purple. It is permissible to add glitter or rhinestones in moderation. Use simple geometric patterns to create your design.
  • In pastel colors … Every day, nail manicure in nude or pastel shades is in demand this year. It gives the image of a woman or girl incredible tenderness and simplicity. With it it is easier to give the image integrity: discreet tones will decorate any outfit. At the same time, no one forbids adding simple drawings or decorations.
  • Newspaper … This manicure is perfect for short nails every day. It looks original and catchy; it is combined with business clothes and is suitable for an energetic businesswoman. Mimics of fragments of old English versions, company logos, and traces of bright lipstick are in vogue. The print is done in black on a white or gray background, or vice versa.

When deciding what manicure to do for each day, take into account the characteristics of your character, field of work, and everyday clothing style. Remember: the drawing on the nails should not stand out from the picture, but emphasize its dignity.

How to do a manicure every day step by step?

To get a beautiful manicure every day, you can go to a beauty salon and order a design that catches your attention. If you have the necessary tools and materials at home, try making them yourself.

Step-by-step instructions on how to do a manicure for each day:

  • Determine the shape of the nails. The most common option is oval or rounded. It is suitable for both long and short nails. Owners of graceful long fingers will not be disturbed by the square shape. It looks great in business clothes.
  • When doing a manicure at home yourself, remember the rule: nails should be the same length. If one breaks, shorten the rest. Different lengths of nails look especially uncomfortable in business style.
  • For treatment with cuticles, choose a safe method – European manicure. Prepare a bath of essential oil and hot water for steaming. Dip your fingers and hold for 5-10 minutes.
  • When the cuticles have softened, push them out to the edge with an orange stick, which moves from the center. Carefully clean the nails from their marks so that they look completely even, without layers. A classic manicure is different from the European one in that the steamed cuticles are cut off. If you have the skills, try this type of manicure. But it is traumatic and accelerates the further growth of the nail bath.
  • Sand and polish your nails with a soft buff. Do not perform the procedure more than once a month. Release polishing for loose nails. When the nails are ready, continue with the coating.
  • Each varnish lasts longer if you apply a primer before use. It is transparent, but when nails are applied in light tones, matte white lacquer is suitable for color saturation. If oils and other grease-containing products were used to vaporize the cuticles, grease the nail plate.
  • Move from the base of the nail to the edge when using the skin. To create a manicure for each day, but the gel in 1 layer. 1-2 light brush strokes are enough to paint the nail plate.
  • If you use gel polish or shell for a daily manicure, you will need a top cover. It strengthens the created pattern and prolongs its lifespan. You can also use the top coat for regular varnish.

This is a standard manicure procedure. If you want to make a pattern on the nails, apply it before you cover it with a top.

Note! The base skin extends the life of the manicure up to a month and prevents layering.


The best manicure ideas for everyday

Experiment with style; create a delicate manicure for each day that will decorate your look. Next are the best nail art ideas.

Business manicure

Women who work in the office every day need to pay close attention to the appearance of their nails. Choose a simple but glorious manicure that attracts the attention of guests.

Solid, French, or matte manicure for every day remains a classic in business style. This design is suitable for both women in high seats and ordinary office workers. Avoid bright colors: they create a strikingly rude image that does not fit well with the style of a strict businesswoman.

For manicure, choose short or medium-length nails. A business manicure does not involve lengthening nails. The best shape is a soft square or oval. A sharp or angular shape creates an unobtrusive or aggressive image that is unnecessary when working with people.

Dark manicure for every day in business style looks great. Choose muted sunglasses that seem understated and respectable. The development is brown, black, and blue, gray.

Red manicure for every day has long been a classic for business ladies, but the choice is burgundy, burgundy or dark red. Dark manicure on 1-2 nails looks great if the rest is covered with varnish of the same color, but 2-3 shades lighter.

Geometric patterns on nails are considered stylish and fashionable for the office. Depending on the shades chosen, it can be spring, summer, or winter. Pick up an uncomplicated pattern: a pile of drawings complicates perception and makes the image uncomfortable.

Important! The peculiarity of business manicure is its practicality. Make sure that gel polish particles and the length of the nails do not interfere with the work.

French manicure

In addition to monotonous manicures, French is still a common choice. It is simple to implement, looks elegant, and is expensive. French is suitable for all occasions of life – from lavish parties to daily office work.

Let’s figure out how to do a French manicure for each day step by step:

  • Give your nails the desired shape. This will require a skill. Choose an oval or rectangular shape: it’s perfect for this design.
  • Put your fingers in the bath and steam the cuticles.
  • Remove the cuticles by cutting the manicure method.
  • Buff the nails to lengthen the finish.
  • Use a base.
  • Use a brush or stencil to mark the opposite stripe. Depending on the shape and length of the nail, its width will be 2-3 mm. Do not spread the strip; it shortens the nails visually. Paint the stripe white or dark.
  • Cover your nails with clear polish by grabbing your butt to seal them and extend the life of your manicure.
  • Rub the oil on the cuticles and hands.

French manicure is often decorated with rhinestones or sparkling. But if you are planning a manicure for every day, do not get entangled with ornaments.

Gradient design

Transitions of different nail polishes on nails have been in vogue for several years. Halli has gained popularity among ladies due to its simplicity of execution and unusual appearance. If you use muted soft tones, a manicure is suitable for every day. In addition to the usual tools, for work, you need foil, a toothpick, and 2-4 varnishes of different colors, but in a similar range.

Step-by-step implementation of the slope manicure:

  • Prepare the shape of the nails, and remove the cuticles. This is a standard procedure for any type of manicure, so we will not dwell on it.
  • Lubricate the skin around the nail with oil for easy removal of excess varnish.
  • Prepare the film. Use several strips of varnish in different shades and mix the borders together.
  • Take a soft sponge and wipe out the color palette you have created.
  • Quickly transfer the colors to your nail. You can not hesitate, otherwise, the varnish dries out.
  • Cover the nails with a top without waiting for them to dry.
  • Use a cotton swab or a special liquid to remove the remaining nail polish from the skin.

It is not a problem to create a deficit, but skill is required. Practice other coatings before using your nails.

Newspaper manicure

Great for newspaper manicures. It is not difficult to do it at home. This will require a base coat, usually white or light colors, a top coat, and 10 leaves (preferably foreign, otherwise fragments of unwanted sentences may get on the nails).

How to make a newspaper manicure:

  • Prepare your nails as you would for a regular manicure.
  • Apply primer.
  • Add a drop of acetone and glue a sheet of paper to the nail.
  • When the varnish is dry, carefully remove the blade.
  • Apply on the top coat.

Newspaper manicure takes time: you have to wait for the varnish to dry. But the result pays off.

Daily manicure is simple but graceful. With the right choice of style, every woman looks like a queen. Do not rush to the beauty salon: you can create a beautiful manicure at home.


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