5 techniques to manage emotions

Understand your emotions

You need to take some time to know what you feel and what is the reason that leads you to react in a certain way in certain situations. To do this, you can create an emotional diary and, at night, write down how you feel and what you have to improve.

Therapeutic writing is about describing your deepest thoughts and feelings. This exercise has proven to be effective both psychologically and physically. It is even capable of accelerating wound healing!

Example: Maybe you feel bad about yelling at a co-worker. If you want to know how to control your emotions, you must determine why you did it and what to do to change your reaction if a similar situation arises. Control your emotion while playing casinos online usa.

Remember your virtues and successes

Giving yourself love like a cat and reminding you what you’re good at is the best strategy for controlling and managing emotions. It is about being aware of negative situations, but reducing their meaning by keeping the positive in mind.

Example: You probably feel super bad when you get low grades in school. To overcome that sadness, remember the times you have done well and all the effort you made to study.

Perform physical exercise

Home exercise routines are the best way to relieve stress and relax. This activity helps release neurochemicals that positively influence your mood . For example, serotonin.

In addition, its practice has a good effect on the body, which improves self-esteem and confidence . In other words, you will not only be contributing to your mental health, but you will have a body that will leave everyone speechless.

Example: if problems at home are making your head explode, go for a walk. Leave your mind blank, listen to some songs to learn English and jog a few kilometers. After the tour, you will see that you have found another perspective on the matter.

Meditate regularly

Science has proven that learning to meditate can help you control and manage negative emotions in the short and long term. Also, this practice is recommended in order to reduce anxiety as well.

Example: If you try to relax only when faced with tense situations, knowing how to control emotions will seem very difficult. On the other hand, if you are in the habit of meditating and breathing correctly, mastering your impulses will be a piece of cake.

Do a mental rehearsal

To learn how to control your emotions, you should apply this technique before facing situations that make you feel uncomfortable. Practice in advance what you are going to do and say when that circumstance arises and you will come out undefeated. Play some online game like best Australian online pokies for real money for mental refreshment.

In the process, analyze the possible questions, gestures and reactions that may arise. In this way, you will be prepared to respond positively to any sudden change.

Example: To ask someone to go out with you , you are likely to shake like jelly and go blank. But, if you do a mental rehearsal before, you will get a date in a 2×3 for sure.

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