Flirting : What is a flirting woman

Flirting what is? , reasons and variations. The secret of attracting the attention of the stronger sex.

Flirting with women is a special art where cartoons attract the attention of the opposite sex for further communication with him. By nature, not every woman has this gift. Sometimes an incompetent female flirt looks pretty rude and ruins the reputation of an unlucky adventurer. However, it is real to learn such skills without being threatened with being marked as an accessible person, which is worth learning more about.

The story of women flirting

Not always, flirting was considered a priority in building love relationships. In ancient times, only heterosexuals could be found to be experienced lures. Senior officials were not afraid of public condemnation because they flirted with very influential men. At one time they were considered slaves, but later the getter art refined to flirt as free individuals.

It is also an interesting story of geisha, as ignorant men in the category of fallen women. There are not many such high-quality professionals in Japan at present. Their skill never exceeds the bounds of decency. Only an intelligent and charming woman could hold a traditional tea party and win the hearts of the participants with her charm. Japanese and ancient Greek jurists were deprived of the opportunity to refine their ability to seduce in the opposite field. Their job was, among other things, to honor the family’s traditions and raise offspring.

The flirtation of a medieval woman in European countries was equated with magic. The Church actively suppressed all kinds of human motives, which she did well. The fire of the investigative court destroyed many incredible women, but their beauty made men covet.

The Louis family board allowed the coquettes to make up for lost opportunities. They displayed their charm openly, without fear of the consequences of free behavior. In the form of artillery, flies, corsets, redheads, and playful pranks were used.

At the moment, in some Eastern countries, flirting with men can cost a woman her life. In other countries, such barbarism is suppressed when it comes to simple flirting. The point, in this case, is to know to what extent you use your charm to not cause trouble.

Why do women flirt?

The fair sex is trying to reach out to men with different enthusiasm in this matter. One of the reasons for women’s flirting is a habit. Some coquettes do not realize it when they are trying to attract the attention of objects they like. For them, such communication is the norm and they treat the condemnation of others with irony.

Some ladies are playing a double game. It is no secret that women often flirt with one man to provoke the reaction of another chosen one. Such a movement works unequivocally because the instinct has not yet been canceled.

Competition is also relevant in this regard. Quite interesting in its truth is the statement about an ugly girlfriend, because you can look in a winning way. It should be borne in mind that the taste of a strong half of mankind does not depend on the deification of one type of woman. So the odds of an ugly girlfriend, with her inner charm, can match the direction of the beautiful dummy contest.

Do not forget such a reason for flirting with women as self-affirmation. Men often do not take into account that there is always a strong woman for every Casanova. She will visually fall for the charm of women and maintain the behavioral strategies of a potential victim. Such women are especially dangerous for the male sex because eventually they are applied with skill.

Often, during the flirtation of women, there is a banal desire to get married. Singles often resort to the art of female flirting to hear Mendelssohn’s long-awaited march. At the slightest glance on the horizon of attractive objects, they begin to actively flirt.

In addition, flirting due to reproduction should not be written off. Let us remember the battle of the Amazons with its charm for the sake of reproduction. To this day, a woman can flirt with a man to get pregnant on a few close dates.

Important! The ironic expression that the best friend is a bald friend looks realistic. A female friendship can end when it comes to flirting with the desired object. In the struggle for personal happiness, all avenues are good. It’s great to have close friends, but it’s best to keep them close secrets.

Varieties of female flirting

The manifestation of flirting with women depends on the temperament of the adventurer. However, a woman with acting skills can play any role.

Types of flirting of the fair sex:

  • Shy cartoon … There is a group of men who like the making of Turgenev girls. It is important for them to conquer a man who has obvious chastity. Flirting like this involves deep blushing cheeks and glances to the side when a guy you like approaches. It should be borne in mind that voicing methods do not always work. It is only effective if the period of exchange of views is not extended without the prospect of further development of communication.
  • Are you teasing Beau … Again, it’s important not to turn flirting into an obvious mockery of a potential boyfriend in this case? It is quite possible to limit oneself to changing technology in a style of zooming and rejection. Such operations should be carried out with great care.
  • A real lure … In this case, it’s worth remembering the pictures from the movie “American Beauty” and the unique moments from the best-selling book “From Dusk Till Dawn”. This policy is used by women with great sexual potential. One cat bow in the body of Demi Moore in The Stripper was enough to make the tough Bruce Willis fall at her feet.
What is a flirting woman
What is a flirting woman

See also how to flirt properly.

How do identify flirting women?

Manifestations of flirting with a person have different pictorial representations.

Signs of flirting with women are as follows:

  • Increased Attention … A person who is not as interesting as a sexual object evokes sympathy from the fair sex. Flirting begins when an electric charge flows between members of the opposite sex. Sparks can also form unilaterally that do not change the essence of the matter.
  • Playful look … You can say nothing but actively send a visual signal of attention to the item you like. It can be a smile on his face and frank observations. At the same time, a woman will behave in a non-standard way, but within normal limits, such behavior is not forbidden.
  • Coincidence … You can lean a few times on a person in public transport. This is not at all a sign of a flirtatious woman. However, one should think about it if an attractive person tries to touch him. Perhaps with the help of such a tangible touch, she flirts openly.
  • Felt cool … If one is indifferent then it is hard not to understand. When asked how to recognize flirting women, the behavioral techniques of a man who is said to be not interested in communication should be considered. It will show all the coldness of the soul in relation to the gentleman, but will not allow an opportunity to get rid of the hook. Usually, women are informed in advance about their interactions with ladies in this way.

Attention! Male and female flirting has different consequences. If the representatives of the stronger sex are still marked when it comes to winning hearts, then the ladies with a failed cartoon sometimes have to listen to the anger of the public.

The main rules of female flirting

A positive result should definitely work with a qualified desire to please men.

To avoid the possibility of being branded as a lady of easy virtue, you need to apply the secrets of flirting with women in a clear dose:

  • Insist … If a man is married, his attention needs maximum justice. In this case, no one stops flirting with women if it does not go beyond what is allowed. The demand for such a love game must be placed on the scales with and against. No one can forbid flirting with a man they like if his relationship with his wife is not possible. The main thing is to take into account that the spouse of a potential gentleman is also ready for divorce. Otherwise, a loud scandal will not be avoided.
  • Moderation … A woman who flirts with many men should be prepared for public condemnation. It may not be that everyone longs for you in the absence of involuntary behavior because of this behavior. Flirting with the opposite sex is normal when it does not go beyond the bounds of morality.
  • Clear Attitude … It is important to flirt when you do not want to marry at the same time everyone and ultimately no one. The question immediately arises as to how useful it is to express a clear position. And it is actually possible to observe it when flirting with the maximum manifestation of one’s own dignity. It is necessary to put yourself in such a bar since human condemnation will look ridiculous and prejudiced.
  • A little curiosity … If we are talking about flirting with women, then a small part of the game will not hurt. It will rather come in very handy. Men love mysterious women that are worth remembering. However, it is also recommended not to miss a clear dose of intrigue. Things that are too complicated to conquer can become indifferent to the Atonement. This factor is especially true for insecure men, who are more likely to give up their accelerated position when problems arise.
  • Correct movements … In the famous TV series “Rostov”, the anarchist Belka wonders without moral principles with his energy. Her rather simple pranks do not irritate members of the opposite sex. Such a woman can flirt aggressively without saying a word. The usefulness of walking the hip has also not been canceled. Men will definitely appreciate a well-groomed and flexible woman in their movements.
  • Qualified points of view … In this case I remember teaching flirting in the movie “The Bat”. Let such a shot be seen in the past as a good memory of wonderful film work. It is necessary to use the methods of chain or burning gaze. In the first case, it is not forbidden to turn your attention to the role of passion when your attention is focused on something else. You need to look until the man finds an eye for him. An appropriate response, in this case, is an instantaneously visible dilemma, which will be accompanied by a warm smile. In another case, you should not limit yourself if you want to flirt openly.
  • Easy communication … When you flirt, you do not have to tell your fan about problems in your personal life and at work. He does not initially need them if he hardly knows a woman. Men are much more interested in a person who becomes a playful cat, not a person loaded with household chores. Ideally, you should ask subtly about the issues of your Atonement. In the end, nothing will lose a woman and the gentleman will be happy.

If you want to know what a flirting woman means, you should remember the words of the main character “Titanic”. A woman’s heart is an unknown ocean, a mystery that only a strong man can understand. And it is better to make him feel like the winner of a proud personality with the cunning method of behaving with his comrades.


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