Panic: How to get rid of panic

Panic disorder and its manifestation symptoms. Rules for getting rid of this pathology through various treatment methods and preventing attacks of fear. Panic disorder is an attack on the fear that occurs regularly in people. At the same time, a wave of nervousness can overwhelm a person both several times a day and several times a year. Provided that this phenomenon begins to become more common, it is necessary to seek the help of a specialist.

Causes of systematic panic attacks

Experts have not fully determined the origin of the development of this condition in humans.

This allowed them to draw general conclusions about panic disorder after a long-term examination of their patients:

  • Hereditary predisposition … Do not forget that at the genetic level, children have already received some information from their ancestors, who later began to shape their consciousness. As a result, a child whose parents suffer from panic disorder may be more likely to develop the same problem.
  • Weak nervous system … With this combination of morphological and practical structures of the body, one begins to feel anxiety in certain situations. Panic attacks in this case arise because such a substance has no basis for controlling its behavior.
  • Depression … People with this temperament are very often not ready to respond adequately to stressful situations. Attacks for fear of everything new and frightening leave these individuals in an uncontrollable panic.
  • Psychological trauma … A person who has experienced spiritual suffering or has found himself in an area of ​​increased risk to himself may be shocked even at the thought of repeating a bitter experience. He will avoid the same situation in any way and automatically create panic in himself.
  • Common diseases … Very often a similar disease occurs in the background of diabetes, bronchial asthma, brain tumors, and epilepsy. In the treatment of the underlying disease, it is necessary to consider its secondary symptoms.

The main symptoms of anxiety disorder in humans

Regular recurrent anxiety attacks in a person with this problem look like this in most cases:

  • Active responses of the body … It is often difficult to explain the causes of panic disorder, but with this pathology, an individual may experience dizziness, loss of balance, and even temporary impairment of visual acuity.
  • Systematic panic attacks … People tend to react emotionally to external stimuli, which is not pathology. With a severe deformity of consciousness, one becomes a victim of an attack of fear with surely new elements.
  • Behavior change … In this case, a calm person becomes an irritable person for no apparent reason. She begins to fear death or the possibility of going crazy from a certain situation.
  • Change of personal perception … In this case, we are talking about disarmament and personalization, when one finds oneself in social isolation of one’s own free will without the desire to correct the current situation.

These symptoms of anxiety disorder can last from 1 to 5 minutes or up to 10 minutes. Anxiety usually lasts for an hour.

Symptoms of panic treatment

Treatment in this direction should be carried out in a complex with various methods and under the supervision of a specialist. The number of nervous disorders in panic is increasing rapidly, making this problem common.

Working on yourself with panic

Each individual has the ability to diagnose the pathology that has developed in him.

In case of panic, he should take the following steps to restore mental balance:

  • Introduction to Literature … Before attempting to get rid of the problem, you need to familiarize yourself with its features, which are described in detail in medical reference books. Panic disorder in itself does not threaten a person’s life, but an exacerbation of the disease can cause significant harm, including disability.
  • Certain restrictions … Abuse of nicotine and alcohol often deny the desire to get rid of anxiety disorders. With a weak nervous system, coffee addiction also has a negative effect on the psyche of a person who cannot control his emotions.
  • No to certain medications … In this case, the use of stimulants in the treatment of anxiety disorders is not recommended. This is especially true for women who use weight loss to become attractive individuals.
  • Respiratory control … Exercise of this kind will help to suppress anxiety and prevent panic due to hypertension. To begin with, you can try to hold your breath for 10 seconds while letting it go for a few steps.
  • Relaxation … Yoga, and meditation in a calming melody are the basis of stress management. Psychologists call such a treatment progressive muscle relaxation, which leads to relaxation of the whole body.
  • Go to bed … Doctors recommend jogging in the garden at night for a restful sleep and to prevent panic. If this is a difficult task, you can simply go out into the fresh air to admire the goal on the spot.
  • Lifestyle Adjustment … If it is impossible to change your place of residence and field of work, you can try an unusual project. The internet offers many of these options, which should be carefully categorized to avoid encountering cheaters.
  • Dietary changes … Carbonated drinks can again cause anxiety. Power engineers in this case can also play a cruel joke on lovers of such a product. Fatty foods taste good to some but can increase anxiety.

Attention! In a situation where it is imperative to decide how to get rid of panic, you need to stop being held hostage. Unique autonomy helps people with this problem to respond properly to challenging issues.

Medicine for panic

If you want to independently prevent such uncontrolled seizures, you must clearly follow the advice of experts who can recommend the following treatment:

  • Antidepressants … Your doctor should coordinate the use of these medicines, as their use only in case of a panic attack will not have tangible results. The specialist may prescribe Trazodone, Amitriptyline, or Clomipramine in this case. They are usually taken at night to achieve a tangible effect after a few weeks of such treatment.
  • Benzodiazepines … Mild sedatives are prescribed to treat not only depression but also to treat panic. In this case, it is recommended to take “Phenazepam”, “Clorazepat”, “Chlordiazepoxide” and “Alprazolam”.
  • Antipsychotics … Best of all in this case, “Buspirone”, which is available in tablet form, has proven itself. In case of anxiety and panic, it is recommended that you take this medicine for a month at the dose prescribed by your doctor.
  • Beta-blockers … are essential in critical situations when the panic disorder is accompanied by tachycardia and tremor. Beta-blockers in the form of “Metoprolol” or “Carvedilol” only alleviate the symptoms of such attacks, but with diminishing physical symptoms after taking them, influential individuals calm down.
  • Sedatives … Such drugs have mild effects, which in rare cases lead to addiction. To control the functioning of the central nervous system, treatment is often prescribed in the form of Valokormid, Persen, and Trivalumen.

Folk medicine for panic

The wisdom of our ancestors suggests following the following treatment plan for mental illness when the problem arose:

  • Using decoctions … If panic is disturbed, it is recommended to drink herbal mixtures of mint, yarrow, chamomile, and valerian root for a few weeks. To consume this collection in equal proportions, taken in one spoon, you need three times a day, half a glass of hot infusion before a meal in consultation with an allergist.
  • Inhalation … If there are no contraindications, you can try breathing in pairs of conifers (spruce, pine, fir) or medicinal herbs (thyme, juniper, eucalyptus) and soothe the soul.
  • Healing baths … In this case, to strengthen the nervous system, sea salt is suitable, of which two tablespoons are sufficient to relax water. However, it is best to use (alternative) plants such as peppermint, rose petals, lavender and yarrow.
  • Creating a favorable climate … For panic, it is very useful to sleep in a room with herbs, which are best placed under your pillowcase. In this case, it is recommended to use oregano, lemon balm, hops, lilies, and belladonna.

Psychotherapy for the treatment of anxiety disorders

Concomitant use of medicines and gifts of nature, experts recommend undergoing the following treatment for this problem:

  • Intellectual Behavior … In a way, this method is similar to the response to the once-popular “I want to know everything” program. In doing so, the specialist helps his patient understand the source of the problem and develop a normal response to stress. Self-control and prevention of anxiety attacks are the basis of cognitive-behavioral therapy.
  • Open pick method … Such an effective way to solve a problem always pays off if applied correctly. It is necessary to deliberately appear in those places that irritate and even interact with provocative. In this case, resistance to such factors will develop, which then appear to be insignificant differences.
  • Combination therapy … Psychotherapy for panic disorder involves an integrated approach to solving the problem. In this case, it is necessary to combine hypnosis, medication, and individual work with a psychologist. After you have removed the acute fear with the help of sedatives and put a person in an unconscious state, you can try to start attending group training.

Prevention of panic

Some experts claim that it is impossible to prevent this pathology.

However, you can actually reduce the risk of panic attacks by:

  • Proper daily routines … With moral and physical fatigue, imbalances in the body lead to this type of disorder. To avoid these problems, you need to sleep at least 9 hours a day to fully recover and prevent panic.
  • Avoidance of alcohol … Alcoholic beverages create joy for a relatively short time. Therefore, to prevent seizures, it is necessary to learn how to control your alcohol addiction.
  • Confirmed group of friends … Very often close relatives or friends are provoked by an anxiety disorder. In this case, it is necessary to either talk to them openly about this subject or completely limit communication with the managers of someone else’s consciousness.
  • Low risk when planning leisure time … People who love extreme sports may not be afraid of panic attacks. Otherwise, they should protect themselves as much as possible from stressful situations. In this case, experts also recommend refusing to watch horror movies and thrillers, because over-emotional individuals do not always respond well enough to these movie products.
 get rid of panic
get rid of panic


Panic disorder is a fairly common condition that ordinary people often do not notice. However, its consequences sometimes lead to severe neurological disorders, which are not always available for medication.

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