Evil eye: Red thread from the evil eye

Evil eye; truth or fiction? An overview of the Kabbalistic amulet that protects against negative energy: origin, beneficial properties of the red thread, method of the method, reviews. Talisman Red Thread – an object equipped with protective energy for protection, or, as they say, “from the evil eye.” He then received unique properties in the holy places (in the land of Israel), in the tomb of the Jewish ancestors – Rachel. Thread made of natural wool with red color does not hurt human health and does not cause allergies. It is sold (not given) and worn on the wrist of the left hand. They believe that it protects against negative energy, has a positive effect on well-being, and positively impacts behavior and thoughts. When you come into contact with this Kabbalistic symbol, you give yourself the most vital energy of Rachel, and it reaches everyone you are closely related to.

The origin of the red thread from the evil eye

A sign of Kabbalah or fate is a thread from the evil eye. There are no magic rituals and conspiracies in its origin. Following their teachings, kabbalists (those who believe in a higher destiny, fate, and its signs) say that it was the red woolen thread that wrapped around Rachel’s coffin. Therefore the talisman is endowed with powerful protective energy.

Rachel’s mother is one of the ancestors of the Jewish family. Her primary purpose (destiny) in her life is to protect and save her children from danger and evil influence (demonic temptation). When it came time to bury Rachel, her coffin was tied with a red thread so that the symbolic red line is grateful for its powerful protective force and positive energy. Of course, it is not removed from the Jewish foremother’s tomb but sold in Jerusalem, near the world-famous Western Wall.

The color of the Kabbalistic thread from the evil eye and its composition is not accidental. It is believed that negative, anger, and strength are only personified by red; by its nature, it is the most frightening and damaging. This filament staining can be compared with antibodies to the same damaging virus. The mascot’s composition of 100% wool is no coincidence either. I chose this material because wool personifies warmth and compassion.

Functional properties of the amulet

From ancient sources of information (manuscripts, frescoes, papyri, etc.), people drew information about shamans, witches, talismans, and other symbols, properties, etc. Along with the belief in the magical powers of the different world, in the prophets, the gods, and Jesus, the development of humanity took place on the material plane (in medicine, industry, industry, science, and technology). A person in the modern world sets everything in motion to be happy and prosperous. For example, to achieve the desired, it turns out, it is not enough to be educated and physically mature; you also need a happy coincidence of circumstances, the help of Cosmos, ancestors, and many of everything insignificant, to be short. Physical and spiritual development depends on us, but as for the immaterial, they turn to religion, women, sorcerers, and prophets. Who goes through the rituals, who believes in the power of prayer,

The red thread is a harmless charm because it does not speak of a grandmother but has a powerful karmic energy of one of the ancient forces – the mother. An ordinary red woolen thread is worn on the grave, filled with protective power, and becomes a talisman against the evil eye. Amulets or talismans, the same Kabbalistic red line, have nothing to do with the Orthodox cross or other religious symbols, just as they have nothing to do with the ultimate judgment of our soul. Wearing an Orthodox cross is not only salvation but a punishment. Amulets, amulets, and talismans are used to avoid “breaks of fate,” trouble, the negative influence of envious people, etc. In particular, the red thread only gives a positive “charge” and the user’s confidence in tomorrow to achieve success in the right direction in life.

A method of using a thread from the evil eye

Jews sell red thread to ward off the evil eye. It was not removed from the tomb but was in contact with it and had a particle of the protective energy of Rachel’s tomb. The red woolen thread is not only attributed to protective properties but also healing properties. Those who distribute it, as well as those who buy it, believe that a Kabbalistic thread protects people who wear it and their relatives from negative energy and the evil eye, corrects fate, directs thoughts in the right direction, and influences behavior. All believers know what the path of life is and desire to choose the right direction on this path of life. Therefore the red thread serves them as a symbol of faith. Maybe her influence and belief in her magical force help her to become better, improve, and succeed in everything and in her career too.

The sellers of Kabbalistic symbols at the Western Wall assure themselves they can not pass the thread easily. It would help if you bought it and can’t return it later. A red line from the evil eye is tied on the wrist of the left hand and worn constantly.

Red thread from the evil eye
Red thread from the evil eye

The honest criticism of the red thread from the evil eye

Many reviews are published about amulets, and there are both positive and negative reviews about the red thread from the evil eye. Someone believes it is crucial to wear some magical talisman; someone does not see any significant life changes. Most people agree that the common thread in Kabbalism does not cure chronic diseases but positively affects mental health.

Olga, 32 years old

I did not expect help from the other world and considered myself a believer. But after I bought a red thread from a friend from Israel and started wearing it, I immediately believed in its power. Everything I had postponed later because of an extended warranty, etc., began turning out 123. I arranged the child in a good kindergarten without problems; my husband changed his job to a better one. Most importantly, the unpleasant neighbor moved out, and we cheaply bought an apartment from her for mom. Now there is someone to look after my children.

Igor and Elena, 35 years old

It seemed to us that everyone was jealous of our happiness. We married for 10 years and lived together until we bought a new apartment. Here things didn’t work out and with the car problems and the scandals from scratch and other people’s wives started to interfere with our lives. We visited Jerusalem and the Western Wall when we toured Israel in the summer. We got a red thread, tied it, and didn’t take it off again. After that moment, family disputes subsided, life calmed down, and it became easier for us to deal with problems. So it all worked itself out.

Katerina, 25 years old

I lost my mother early, and my aunt helped me in her place. Last year we went with her to Jerusalem and tied a red thread from Rachel’s tomb for me there. Instead of a mother, it is like a talisman to protect me from the evil eye and other negative energies. I still wear it, and now I have warm dreams, not nightmares. The doctors diagnosed me with a disease – infertility; I will hope that Kabbalistic signs will correct my fate.

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