Happiness, Small and simple things make us happy and joyful

In my mind, happiness is one of the essential things in life, and remarkably, it is not always exactly what we think it is. Happiness cannot be bought, it cannot be sold, and you cannot borrow it. Satisfaction is entirely yours, and it springs from your innermost thoughts.

Do not wait for happiness to come to you.

When people think about happiness, they usually focus on the big things and spend too much time waiting for something to happen to become happy. But while we wait, people tend to miss out on real happiness. The factors that are often associated with having a happy life are goals of various kinds, fame, spouse, new house, etc.

It can be said that many people look far beyond the dose because while all the attention is on these big things, all the small things that give us happiness and joy are forgotten, not to mention enjoying being and living in the present.

The little things matter

These small and seemingly insignificant things are far more critical than we think. Much, if not most, of this, is something we take for granted. Nevertheless, these little things in our lives play such a large part in making us happy, eliciting a smile, and raising the happiness factor.


Here is a list of 50 things that can help you increase your happiness

1. Watching small children play.

2. The smell of freshly brewed coffee – the thought alone is sometimes enough.

3. Beautiful sunset.

4. Beautiful sunrise.

5. A friendly smile – because one smile can turn darkness into daylight.

6. Bird song – and all other beautiful pieces.

7. The smell of your favorite food.

8. Spring flowers, summer flowers, cut flowers – and just about any other flower.

9. To receive sincere praise – and to praise others sincerely.

10. Listening to your favorite music.

11. Favorite song – which you repeatedly play because it makes you happy.

12. To experience kindness.

13. A good walk in nature.

14. Crackling clean and new bedding.

15. Cuddling – in the morning, in the evening, or just at any time.

16. Waking up and realizing that you can sleep longer – very pleasant!

17. doing good deeds – the heart grows by one number with it.

18. Watch puppies and kittens play.

19. Beautiful summer morning with sun and calm – yes, please!

20. Morning sun – wonderful to get up when the sun is shining.

21. Beach, sun, and sand – but maybe not for everyone.

22. To know the lyrics of a song ideally when you hear it played.

23. When someone lets you in front of the queue – of course, it happens.

24. Your favorite drink and when you take your first sip of it.

25. The smell of freshly cut grass.

26. Ascent related to youth and evokes fond memories – for example, of grandparents.

27. Turn on the TV and see that your favorite movie is about to begin.

28. Find money in your pocket or anywhere else you forgot – unexpected and fun.

29. To wake up like a first-year student and ready to take the day with a trumpet.

30. A thing that is related to youth and evokes pleasant memories.

31. Having a good hair day – always brings me joy.

32. Long, excellent and warm hug.

33. Hot and good bath – no worse to have candlelight and a pleasing aroma.

34. Chocolate crumbs – and in fact, just all chocolate.

35. Newly fallen Christmas snow.

36. A friendly and fun clerk/woman – can completely change the shopping trip.

37. The same cozy voice on the radio every morning.

38. Large and beautiful rainbow.

39. When someone says they miss you.

40. Socializing with good friends and good food – does not crack.

41. When someone is pleased to see you – also the house dog when you come home at the end of the day.

42. To try a new recipe that succeeds perfectly.

43. Singing of the pond – I find nothing more wonderful.

44. wonderful.

45. An unexpected invitation to something fun.

46. ​​Recalling fun memories – even better doing it with others.

47. Sitting by the fireplace.

48. Sincere and good laughter.

49. When someone shows you affection.

50. Playing and enjoying the moment – which is perhaps the most important of all.

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