Losing weight in the gym: How too quickly start losing weight in the gym without moral stress?

Losing weight in the gym; how quickly starts? Find out what psychological tricks can help you lose fat without losing your mood and performance. The result is a weight loss of up to 10 kg per month. Some people prepare for the beach season three months before, while others put it on the back burner and decide to start losing weight two weeks before the holiday. Most people are ready to give money for any medicine or method to lose weight if they are promised that everything will go quickly and without unnecessary effort.

You have to understand that if you don’t put in the effort, no super fat burner can help you. One gram of fat contains 9 kilocalories and is a safe energy source for the body, which it simply does not want to part with. If you lose 5 kilos of fat, you need to burn 45 thousand calories.

Keep in mind that:

  • Fasting for three months will save you thousands of calories a day.
  • An hour of cardio training burns about 400 calories.
  • One hour of strength training – 500 calories.

As you can see from the pictures above, losing five kilos of fat in a few months is tough. However, this does not mean that it can not achieve this. Physiques put themselves in order at a similar time. The point is that they follow a particular regime. First, there should be a balance between diet and strength training.

In this regard, I want to tell the girls that they should not be afraid to train with dumbbells and dumbbells. If you don’t use AAS simultaneously (and we’re sure you don’t need it at all), then you won’t be able to gain as much muscle mass as you will burn fat. It is what you want to achieve, right? You will never be able to build big muscles with realistic training. Men without steroids look like Olympia winners, but their bodies will be beautiful and athletic.

It is also essential to know that resting muscles require a lot of energy to maintain. If you increase your muscle mass, you speed up your metabolism, and as a result, fat will be burned with more activity. Let’s see how to start losing weight in the gym without moral stress quickly. Let’s start with those methods, though. Which will not allow you to achieve your goals, but in the old years, they were considered adequate for burning fat.

How can you not Losing weight in the gym?


I am running used to be considered a very effective way to lose weight. But today, it is known to be a great way to develop the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. It will only burn fit for half an hour or a little longer after you start running.

At the same time, you can use gel to burn fat, but it should be at a particular – interval.

This concept should be understood as a change in the intensity of running approximately the following:

  • Run 100 meters at maximum power.
  • You need to walk 200 meters at a leisurely pace.
  • 300 meters – a run of moderate intensity.

You should perform this activity throughout the week. Only in this case will the body begin to burn fat, and this process will last approximately 20 hours after the end of the lesson. Add that to an effective fat burner, and the result can be excellent. It should also remember that the fat-burning process starts only at the moment when you work with about 130 beats per minute.

In the past, running with a belt steamer was quite popular. If you want to see a few hundred grams of weight loss on the scale, you can try it. But remember that in this case, fluid is excreted from the body, which will soon return to you along with the lost grams if you drink a glass of water or juice.

Hoop and side bends

The ring, except for the side bruises, will not give you anything. You can simply rotate your pelvis with the same amplitude to get a similar effect. But the fact is that there will be no fat-burning effect from this.

The side hooks help you fit comfortably in jeans that are a size or two larger than your regular jeans. Bending is a physical effort, and muscles increase under its influence. As a result, you will only add a few centimeters to your waist. If you are not doing powerlifting (it strengthens the stability of the muscles well), then this exercise is useless.

Do not eat after

This recommendation has been around for decades. It would help if you planned your meals to consume fewer calories than you expend. Meals don’t matter here. In the evening, you should not eat fats and carbohydrates. Still, protein mixtures are even necessary, for example, cottage cheese, fish, or, best of all, egg white. You should drink at least two and a half liters of water daily, take omega-3 supplements and eat fiber.

losing weight in the gym
losing weight in the gym

How to lose weight fast in fitness?

There is no alternative to strength training combined with proper nutrition when it comes to fighting fat.

Strength training

Exercise two to three times a week and do only multi-joint movements. Perform 5 or 6 actions in 3 or 4 sets in one session. At the same time, it is necessary to reduce the calorie content of the diet by 500 calories. As a result, you can lose half a kilo of mass within a week. This weight loss is best, as only fat is burned, not muscle tissue.

You can add to this cardio, which must be performed after strength training on an empty stomach in the morning, or set aside separate days for them. Moreover, they should not last more than 30 minutes, and the heart rate should be between 130 and 140 beats per minute. It should also say that you should not think about gaining weight while losing weight. There is no way to combine these two processes. If you are overweight, first you need to get rid of it and then gain weight and repeat the cycle.

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