3 Top Tips for Taxi Drivers to Get More Tips!

If you are a new or experienced taxi driver you will know that receiving tips from your customers can add a significant amount to your overall income. In America, the average tip that customers give for any taxi journey is around 10-12%. America is a country that fully embraces the tipping culture so taxi drivers can expect this level of tipping regularly. In other countries, the practise of tipping can vary greatly, so it makes perfect sense to offer your customers the best possible service to maximize your chances of receiving a tip. In this article, three of the top ways in which taxi drivers can maximize their tipping potential are explored.

Ensure You Have a Great Taxi


Few paying customers will enjoy the experience of getting into an old or badly maintained taxi that is not comfortable or clean, and as a result, tips will be far less likely in these circumstances. Taxi drivers should ensure that they have a modern, comfortable taxi that is spotlessly clean and a pleasure to ride in. If your taxi is showing significant signs of age and is no longer comfortable over long distances, you should consider upgrading it via a taxi selling company such as cabdirect.com. A new or nearly new taxi that is in perfect condition will make your customers feel more relaxed during the journey and a pleasant environment is more likely to make them give you a better tip when the journey is over.

Be Pleasant and Polite


Taxi drivers will take a wide variety of passengers from the general public to their destinations on every shift. The people and personalities may be different, but one thing that should always stay the same is your attitude towards them. Having a friendly smile and being an excellent communicator are key traits that will make your customers’ journey more enjoyable. A lot of passengers like to talk to their taxi drivers and cultivating some interesting conversations is one of the key ways in which you can improve your chances of getting a good tip. It is important to gauge the personality and general demeanour of your clients early in the journey. Does it seem likely that they want to strike up a conversation or would they rather be left alone to relax on their journey? Remember that a friendly smile and a pleasant attitude go a long way in the world of tipping with your passengers. When the journey is over, it is also courteous to get out of the cab and open the door for your passenger, helping them with any heavy luggage they may have.

Taxi Drivers to Get More Tips
Taxi Drivers to Get More Tips

Provide an Efficient Service


One key thing that paying customers want from a taxi driver is to be taken to their destination quickly and efficiently by the fastest possible route. Today, many taxi drivers use satellite navigation systems in their taxis. Their knowledge of the roads may be exceptionally good, but for longer journeys that are not regularly travelled, it makes sense to install a navigation system. Firstly, you will ensure that you get to the destination by the most efficient route and secondly, your customers will be assured that you are taking them on the quickest roads. Getting to the destination quickly, especially on longer journeys, is a perfect way to ensure a good tip from your customers.

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