Staying at a Karon Beach Hotel is a Smart Choice

With Phuket now open for international visitors, the number of tourists descending on the island is steadily increasing. Staying at a hotel in Karon Beach can be a wise choice for both seasoned travellers and first-time visitors.

People who have visited the island before generally want to stay close to the best restaurants and nightlife but far enough away to enjoy the natural beauty of Phuket. And first-time visitors are up for experiencing everything the island has to offer.

Staying at a hotel in Karon Beach provides the best of the natural beauty of the island and the fantastic food and nightlife offered in Phuket.

Stay on the Popular West Coast of the Island

The west coast of Phuket is by far the most popular side of the island. It’s the must-see destination of dramatic sunsets, exquisite restaurants, vibrant nightlife and endless sun-swept tropical beaches. For a very good reason, it’s called the ‘gold coast’ of Phuket.

This gold coast is a series of stunningly beautiful beaches framed by lush hills and mountains. Each of these beaches has its own community and infrastructure. You can stay anywhere along the west coast and not have to travel far to get anything you need.

Stay Near to Patong

The largest town on the west coast is Patong. Patong is also the heart of the island’s nightlife and the home of many of its best restaurants and bars.

But staying near this main town can be infinitely better than actually staying in Patong. The town is the centre of nightlife on the island, which means it’s also the centre of traffic, crowds and noise after dark.

A stay in Patong can provide less than the peaceful and relaxing holiday you were expecting. This is particularly true if you want to experience more of the island’s natural beauty or are with your children.

Staying at a beachfront resort in Karon Beach provides you with a long, stunning beach where you can stroll for hours in peace and quiet. The town of Karon Beach also has everything from swimwear shops to pharmacies to bars and restaurants. It offers everything a visitor may need to enjoy their holiday to the fullest.

Karon beach is also just around the corner from Patong. You can reach the west coast’s main town in as little as a 15-minute drive. It’s close enough to take a ride into town for the evening but far enough away to leave the noise, crowds and traffic far behind when it’s time to retire for the night.

Karon Beach Hotel is a Smart Choice
Karon Beach Hotel is a Smart Choice

Book a Stay at Thavorn Palm Beach Resort

To experience the best holiday in Karon Beach, book a stay at the Thavorn Palm Beach Resort. This beachfront resort has plenty of pools and water attractions to keep the kids happy all day. The grounds, facilities, rooms and Thai-style service provide a level of comfort and style that you’ll quickly fall in love with.

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