Get Effective Back Pain Treatment in Bangkok

Most people are well-acquainted with back pain. It afflicts people of all ages. But finding back pain treatment that is both effective and long-lasting can be difficult.

Back pain can be caused by a number of issues. In younger people, the causes are generally muscles in the lower back that become overtaxed and strained by heavy lifting or twisting the wrong way. This results in debilitating lower back pain that almost everyone is familiar with. Generally, the person recovers from this with rest and abstains from any movement or exercise that might cause a recurrence of the pain.

But as we get older, back pain can be caused by muscles, ligaments, and ruptures of the intervertebral discs – the little ‘cushions’ that sit between our vertebrae and prevent them from rubbing against each other.

Effective Treatment Starts with Knowledgeable Therapists

To effectively treat back pain, when the pain could be from one of several sources, it takes a trained therapist who can identify the exact source of the pain. Once the therapist has identified the source, the treatment can consist of several options depending on what’s causing it.

In all cases, relieving or reducing the pain is the first order of business so that the patient can continue to lead a productive life. Ultrasound, lasers and shockwave therapy are often used to make the patient’s recovery less painful.

Starting on a Rehabilitation Program

Once the pain has eased, the best physiotherapists educate their patients about what is happening in their bodies to cause the pain, and the adjustments they need to make to keep the pain from recurring. This often includes starting a program that relaxes the muscles naturally by using manual therapy to improve the mobility of the target muscles, tendons and nerves.

The patient can then begin practising the correct movements to use in performing whatever movement caused them the pain in the first place.

As they continue to use manual therapy and careful exercise and movements to strengthen the problem area, their muscles ‘memorize’ the correct movement to use the repetitious nature of the rehabilitation.

The final step of the process is to provide the patient with a range of exercises and education that will continue to strengthen the problem area while giving the patient the ability to see when a movement is not good for the body and should be avoided.

Patients who are diligent in practising their recovery exercises can be pain-free for years because they’ve successfully developed the correct habits to perform everyday physical movements without injury.

Back Pain Treatment in Bangkok
Back Pain Treatment in Bangkok

If you occasionally suffer from lower back pain, or if you have chronic back pain and want to seek help in easing your pain, make an appointment to visit the Bangkok Physiotherapy Center (BPC).

Their qualified physiotherapists will soon have you pain-free. They’ll teach you how to perform everyday movements correctly. And with their expert guidance, you’ll soon enjoy greater freedom of movement and a new lease on life.

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