Style and grooming habits that every man should have in his 30s

Leaving your twenties behind requires incorporating changes that define your new life as a proper fitness routine, investing in your style, and beginning to bet on stability.

The change in life at 30 requires you to stop being a twenty-something immersed in excesses may seem intimidating at first. Still, in reality, it is an opportunity to start making accurate decisions that will impact your future. No, reaching the third floor does not mean ceasing to have a fun personality but simply style reorienting everything that you usually like to enjoy in another way: from those outings with friends to all that style that defines you.

It will not be by magic, of course, so we review those aspects and habits that every man must adopt in his 30s to get to the third floor successfully.


Replace excess nights with more sophisticated encounters

As much as you try to hold on to the memory of the university years and the marathon parties that were part of that universe, you should consider that at 30, it is well worth changing the approach of things. Not only because your body will no longer endure hangovers as it used to, but also because the new decade is a perfect opportunity to sophisticate your tastes: replace parties with dinners with good food and a pairing (beer, alcohol ) at the level. That will speak not only of your tastes but of a transition to a more responsible stage.

Discipline: Watch what you eat and adopt a fitness routine

You are used to being the 20-something who ate junk food to no avail? We have news for you: in the change of life at 30, it is normal for the metabolism to change, and your body reflects your age if you do not give it the proper treatment. Leaving 20 is an excellent opportunity to change your habits and eat healthy as part of a lifestyle committed to better health in the future.

As part of this, it is also a good idea to commit you and develop a wellness routine that includes entertainment. The results will not only be seen in your physique but all aspects of your life.

Develop a skincare and grooming routine

This has long since ceased to be a taboo, and the change of life at 30 implies recognizing that your skin also suffers havoc. Hence, it is time to anticipate the passing of the years and develop a routine that involves taking care of your appearance and anticipating aging signs. It does not have to be excessive; it is enough to have a basic kit such as a good moisturizer, some eye contour, and the use of sunscreen. Beard and mustache, Add some natural oil for its care.

Recognize the value of a good hair salon and barbershop

That is your 20s; you have been subject to adjusting to your student budget, and going to the neighborhood hairdresser does not mean that you have to continue doing it. The 30s are the perfect opportunity to invest in a good haircut and proper beard care. Both will be crucial to project a new image and help you get the most out of your physique. Also, a good hairdresser can help you find any indication of baldness and, in such a case, give the appropriate treatment to the situation.

Invest in a good suit

No matter what, you dedicate yourself to celebrating the arrival of the 30 required to acquire a good tailoring set: with precise measurements and a perfect fit for your body type. Stop thinking of these types of pieces as something foreign to your life; from now on, it will be crucial, and it better be part of your closet. Also, think that fashion has evolved and you can look as young as you want in a jacket and tie. Maybe I can even help you find a partner.

… And shoes for every occasion

Of course, thinking of a suit cannot come with the footwear that will accompany it; but you should also think that not everything style in life is those sneakers that accompanied you throughout your twenties. A good closet should have at least some dress shoes, other casual shoes, and yes, a good pair of tennis shoes that allow you to go from casual to sporty.

… Also in a good watch

Moving to 30 is an excellent opportunity to renew and elevate your style. Maybe until now, a smartwatch will get you out of trouble. But reaching a new decade is an excellent time to get closer to the world of watchmaking, which could even become a long-term investment, and of course, it will speak of your good taste. The market has become so diversified that there are options that will allow you to add a good piece without destabilizing your financial life.


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