13 Fashion items every man should have in his closet

Quality stuff is more expensive, but it’s usually worth the extra buck. There are some items of clothing and accessories that men only have to buy once in their life. If you buy them with the care they deserve, you will almost certainly be able to use them for life. We have collected 13 fashion items that will never break or go out of style, so they will be of great help to you to get yourself a wardrobe background that you can always use. These elements will last you for decades, even if you use them constantly. Many of these products have a lifetime guarantee

 so you can be sure that the items you are making are a good investment.

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  1. A pair of quality dress shoes

If you take care of your dress shoes, they are sure to last as long as you need them. With proper maintenance, a good pair of shoes should last until you no longer need them, even with the typical wear and tear associated with use. The best brands that can offer you quality shoes are Allen Edmonds, Alden, Church’s, and Crockett and Jones.

2. Some bean boots

Brand boots are perfect for bad weather, so their excellent resistance is no surprise. They will withstand everything you throw at them, and if their quality is not enough, the brand offers a full guarantee in case something deteriorates prematurely.

3. A classic tie

You will most likely never break a tie. However, what can happen is that you get tired of its design, so you will have to buy new tires to be fashionable. That is why we recommend a tie between 6 and 7.50 centimeters wide since these measurements will adapt to any future fashions items. 

4. A good suit

You may be tempted not to spend too much money on your first suit. After all, it’s just the first of many – why splurge on something you might not be using much of? However, we recommend that you do not skimp on it. Look for something quality, and you will never have to repurchase a suit of that color.

5. A Barbour coat

Barbour coats were designed for the British climate to hold up in all kinds of situations. The layers are well made of sturdy materials to keep you dry. If something deteriorates this fashion item you can always mail it to Barbour to have it fixed.

6. A fine mechanical watch

A mechanical watch is a treasure that you can enjoy for a lifetime. Whether you wear it once a year or every day, it will continue to work as long as you do the necessary maintenance.

7. Some Darn Tough socks

Socks are not a garment that usually lasts a long time. Sometimes they get holes too soon. However, Darn Tough claims the opposite. Their wool blend socks will last you “a lifetime,” so your feet will keep you warm for years.

8. A Filson bag

There are not too many bags capable of withstanding the passage of time, and one of them is the Filson. The brand, which still makes its products in the US, produces a line of refined-looking, almost bulletproof, rubber and leather bags and luggage.

9. Briggs & Riley suitcases

It is not an easy task to find a suitcase brand whose products can withstand the abuse they have to endure during travel. Therefore, your suitcase must be able to withstand a bit of careless handling. The Briggs & Riley suitcase brand includes a warranty that covers the repair of all functional aspects of the suitcase for the product’s life.

10. A Schott leather jacket

Leather is one of those materials that improve over time. As it wears, it acquires its patina and character, becoming more and more beautiful. If the right products are applied, the material will not crack and will last forever. Although fashion items change, tuxedos are usually always the same. Buy one, and as long as you don’t change your size, Schott jackets are a classic that you can wear for a lifetime.

11. A leather wallet

Believe it or not, a leather wallet is something that can last a lifetime. Since leather is a very resistant material, it can withstand almost anything. A Saddleback Leather or similar leather wallet can last much longer than any cloth or Velcro wallet.

12. A leather strap

Straps are usually cheap, made from bonded leather that can easily break when over-tightened. Instead, buy a belt made of high-quality leather, as it will last much longer.

13. A tuxedo

Like suits, a quality tuxedo will last forever. Although fashion items change, tuxedos are usually always the same. Buy one, and as long as you don’t change your size, you can use it for a long time.


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