Fight Cancer, Relax Your Body & Live A Better Life!

Aspirin might not just be for a headache or fever anymore. New research shows that people taking the pill once or more per week had a 2% less chance of developing melanoma. Today we describe how to fight cancer, relax your body and live a better life.

Another study shows that people who have been taking this drug for 5 years or more reduced their risk by a WHOPPING 30% compared to people who do not use this drug. While this is all still in research I still recommend a ZINC-based sunscreen in addition to this.

If you are at high risk for this disease, then Aspirin might be a great choice. If you’re not at high risk for this disease, then in my opinion you should consume 1 pill per week because it does have side effects such as increased bleeding and stomach ulcers with HIGH dosage.

live a better life

Now if you want to get scientific with the reasons why it is thought to prevent this disease, here are some of them:

Aspirin helps prevent melanoma by reducing systemic inflammation which is a cellular cascade that contributes to the conditions from Alzheimer’s disease. (SOUNDS INTENSE, RIGHT?)

Hers some other ways in addition to aspirin to help prevent the disease:

Green tea contains catechins which have anti-inflammatory effects and live a better life.

  540 MG of catechins daily for 12 weeks will reduce skin damage after exposure to UV rays

 UCLA researchers found that 12 minutes of chanting yogic meditation every day reduced the levels of inflammations chemicals in the bloodstream

In a published journal it was found that a 45-minute Swedish massage brought the levels of 2 hormones linked to inflammation

While We Are on the Topic of Inflammation and Relaxation, why don’t you all give this a try?

Here are some holistic therapies that can make you live a better life be athletes feel good about your life.

Reduce Pain-Try Acupuncture – If you are walking around with a pulled muscle or a limp then the thought of getting hit with a bunch of tiny needles docent sound appetizing BUT in Chinese medicine pain are a sign that a blockage of blood or fluids is throwing off the balance of the body (your energy (chi) is off)

IF you don’t like needles try

Teaching or Acupressure – While the most intense method (acupuncture needles) is always the best and that will deliver faster longer results, NOT everyone can deal with a needle. Teishin therapy is a good place to start. Instead of needles, a pointy stone probe is used to apply pressure to acupuncture points without breaking the skin. Acupressure is another form of needleless acupuncture

GU Sha can also loosen up tight muscles, increase flexibility and improve range of motion. And here’s how it work. The skin is lubricated with oil before strokes of pressure are applied to the body and this process enhances circulation, reduces pain, and is especially good for anybody experiencing heat or inflammation around overworked muscles fell live a better life.

Would You Like An Endurance Boost? Try Cupping!

A buildup of toxins could be the reason your body is not squeezing out every last rep the way it should be, but if you extract these toxins from the body by CUPPING then your endurance will probably go up and that last rep will come easy as “pie.”


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