Avocado Power + How Red Wine Can Help You Hear Better

First of all, I want to thank each and every one of you for being amazing and such great fans of mine. Second of all, I want to apologize for not being around to make a video and an article last week for all of you to read. Today, I will explain Avocado power how red wine can help you hear better. Now on to the article;

Let’s start with my food pick of the week.


They aren’t just delicious and make the amazing dip. They also serve as a super healthy treat which also happens to be great for your skin.

Research proves that people who eat avocados have higher intakes of certain vitamins including 48 percent more vitamin K, 36% more fiber, 23% more vitamin E, 16% more potassium, and 13% more magnesium. They also have higher intakes of healthy fats, have higher fats, and better LDL (good cholesterol) levels. And the big one is they have a 50 % less chance of developing metabolic syndrome, which is a group of task factors for heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.

So what’s the recommended serving size to get the job done? All you need is half of a medium avocado daily

And here are some options you can try for your avocado.

Green eggs breakfast sandwich

Salsa Guac

Avocado lettuce and tomato and a light spread of mayo

Burrito with avocado (MINUS the sour cream)


And how about this crazy fact:

Red wine might save your hearing

We all know that resveratrol is one of the kings of anti-aging with its antioxidants, which can be found in red wine, grapes, and peanuts. But studies show that resveratrol can also protect against hearing loss.

Researchers exposed rats to loud noise, giving one group of the rodents a resveratrol supplement beforehand. The results: Rats that didn’t receive a resveratrol supplement experienced hearing loss and an increase in inflammation in certain areas as well as DNA damage and free radical formation. Rats that received supplementation had 90% less hearing loss, in other words, these markers that went off with the unprotected rats didn’t really go off in these rats.

So eat up that wonderful resveratrol and while munching on some of those grapes, take note of this other important tip: Fish, apples, and fortified cereals all contain nutrients and/or antioxidants or minerals to make you eat stronger and fight off DNA damaging exposures which can ruin hearing.

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