The Best Pro-Health & Anti-Aging Foods to Eat in 2013

Okay so maybe, it’s almost impossible to put time on ‘halt’ but with certain strategies and diet add-ons, you can definitely stay stronger and more energized…and look younger try the best pro-health & anti-aging foods to eat in 2013.

Now I know I’m only 25 but I do practice what I preach and believe me, I can feel and see a bit of difference already when I started doing these to my diet only about 4 weeks ago.

So I ask you who wants to have a better grip at battling the harmful elements life has to throw your way.

I have talked to many doctors and other nutritionists to back my claims up before publishing this article and with their green light, I decided to spread the joy and give you all some of my knowledge about this topic.


Foods for the Brain

If you’re feeling “in the clouds,” it’s a good idea to try some blueberries– the high content of free-radical fighting antioxidants and flavonoids will definitely help your memory out and spark your brain into “pay-attention” mode. My recommendation so you won’t get bored sitting around eating berries as a standalone food —- add it to oatmeal or your favorite cereal in the morning.


Do you want better skin?

Do you want your skin to appear more of a neutral color and not as red or inflamed as it currently is?

What about fighting the free radicals which wreak “havoc” on your skin?

Then try some red grapes – the skin of the red grapes contains resveratrol which has anti-inflammatory properties. Resveratrol can also protect you from UV radiation damage which can lead to Big C.

If red grapes are not your style then head to your local nutrition store and get some resveratrol chews (yummmmm) or resveratrol pills

They all do the same things as far as introducing your skin to that awesome anti-oxidant. Red wine also contains resveratrol. Do drink up, but not more than one glass at a time.

Cut That Extra Belly Weight

The best way to go is by eating more whole grains (look for the whole grains logo on the cereal box) or stick to barley.

Colon Health

Want to avoid prostate cancer? Then don’t avoid a good amount of beans, lentils, peas, greens (broccoli, broccoli rabe) which are full of fibers, and help get that food in and out of your gut. All this speeds through your gut and helps wipe out the carcinogens that are built up there. Because honestly, who wants old food just sitting in their gut (say ewwww!).

So EAT IT, ABSORB IT, And GET RID OF IT! That’s my motto!

Avoiding the Second Big C

And it’s also known as CHOLESTEROL.

Flaxseeds are a huge source of Omega-3 fatty acids (as well as non-shellfish types of fish) and O3FA’s will help decrease inflammation and fight plaque build-up in the arteries. Flaxseeds also have 2 components that target LDL Cholesterol. Lignin’s and soluble fiber are two powerful things that work with your body to rid LDL Cholesterol.

My advice is to add flaxseeds to your diet. You can buy this at a health store and sprinkle it on cereal, oatmeal, whole wheat pancakes, etc.

Of course, exercising daily obviously helps and I would also suggest that you avoid any saturated or Trans fats. And yes, quitting smoking also helps…big time!

Keeping Osteoporosis Away – Best Sources for Calcium

Hard cheese will rock your world as long as you use it in moderation. Sprinkle some parmesan on a salad or other veggies for about 500 mg of calcium.

Notable Powerful Foods You Need In Your Diet

If you want to fight lung stomach and other cancers as well as fight general inflammation and load up on phytonutrients! Tomatoes, pomegranates, and berries are some of these options.

Broccoli is an incredibly powerful foods. The facts behind this – broccoli activates your body’s tumor suppressor genes and slows down the cell growth so that damage can be repaired.

Apples will help reduce heart disease and it’s packed with insoluble fiber to help keep your digestive system going strong. But as I said, don’t just peel it because most of the fiber is found in the skin.

Exercise is the key to staying young and one awesome foods that will turbocharge you throughout your exercise sessions is – a spoon full of rolled oats! Eat it up 45 minutes before the exercises for a huge performance advantage. Looking for a great comeback from a difficult workout? Try some milk or peanut butter sandwich. The reason is they are both packed with the right blend of fats and proteins to make your body happy.

Every meal should contain some carbs (complex) and some protein according to industry professionals and these two treats contain just what your body needs after a rigorous workout!

Suffering from pain? Try a little ginger and forget about the pills. Don’t you remember when Mommy would give you some ginger-ale to soothe your stomach from a bad belly ache?

Chicken soup is very helpful when you’re feeling down and sick cause we all know from what grandma told us – the chicken soup will almost heal any wounds!

Have flu or have a cold? Take some zinc before you go to sleep for a powerful immune system boost!

Take note of this awesome stuff to eat or put in your diet in 2013 and you’re practically guaranteed a healthier 2013!

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