Sex, Testosterone & A Good Heart – A Health Tips Medley

If music has a medley, then I have my own array of health tips for you guys this week. Enjoy and let me know of any questions you may have below.

Fit Foods Of The Week (Everybody Hates On It!)


The reason why cabbage is the fit food of the week is because of its nutritional value. Now I know that it’s got a pretty gross reputation because mostly when people cook it, they tend to overcook it, which in turn makes the crispy green leaves soggy and leave an odor, but it’s packed with things we need. Vitamin C and fiber are two of the main power pluses contained in cabbage.  The other big plus is contained in different varieties of cabbage such as savoy and book Choy which contains beta carotene – an antioxidant that fights cancers and heart diseases.

Here’s a nice recipe you can try: With 1 pound of ground beef, 1 egg, 1 cup breadcrumbs, and a couple of spices. Wrap it all in a handful in a cabbage leaf. Heat it in the oven for 375 degrees for an hour for a tasty dinner.

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Increase Your Overall Testosterone Levels with Red Wine

A new study suggests that aside from the antioxidant benefits you will receive from red wine, it could also increase the levels of testosterone circulating throughout your body. One way that testosterone is eliminated from your body is when you urinate. Your body contains an enzyme called UGT2B17, which attaches certain molecules to testosterone making it possible for your body to get rid of it. Researchers at the University of London found that quercetin, which is found in red wine, blocks UGT2B17.

. Now, what does this mean?

. Because of red wine, testosterone won’t escape through your urine and you will have more running throughout your body.

. Still, 1-2 glasses are all that anybody should drink to reap the nutritional benefits. Therefore, drink it but don’t overdrink it.

. And now the best health tips of them all…

Foods for Better Sex (For Men & Women)

Valentines is officially a month away and if you have some special plans, this tip is for you!


2 servings of walnuts or almonds are packed with amino acids like arginine (NO2), which improves blood flow throughout the whole body and yes that particular area also. More blood flow means a stronger erection for men and possibly more clitoral sensitivity for women. Also, the good fats MONO and POLYUNSATURATED, which are contained in these nuts, will lower bad fats and cholesterol stored in the body which will assist blood flow throughout the body. Overall studies found that men who eat diets rich in these fats have higher testosterone levels.


Shellfish are high in Zinc, which is key in sperm production, free testosterone production, and blood circulation (as well as immune system enhancing powers).

I recommend 30-45 mg of Zinc per day for its amazing benefits. However, most researchers recommend only 15mg per day; such an amount can be found in six (6) oysters.

Zinc is also found in eggs and other shellfish, regular fish, and dark chocolate, or you can head to the store and buy a bottle of zinc pills (over the counter).


Oats are full of L-Arginine, which as I explained before improves blood flow throughout the body causing a fuller and better erection.

A Must-Have Quick-Snack in Your Pantry/Fridge

If there’s one ready-to-eat snack everybody should keep in their pantry or fridge for a quick pick-me-up (and of course tons of health benefits) it’s POMEGRANATE SEEDS.

Here’s why:

To make it as simple as possible, they are red and my favorite color is red 🙂 But seriously, it’s because they are loaded with fiber (5 grams per half-cup) and packed with AGE FIGHTING antioxidants, and other helpful things which will help slow down the aging process and make you less at risk for heart disease.

Go for POM Wonderful for their seeds which are already out of the shell

I’d love to read below what you guys think of this article and any other quick health tips you may have for all PhilCity readers. My next health tips and fitness advice will focus on how to have a healthy diet on a shoestring budget!



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