Expand Your Brand’s Reach with an International SEO Agency

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How do you most effectively expand beyond your borders in a business environment that demands continual growth? This is the question many brand managers are asking themselves these days. They see that the processes and output of their brand can easily handle sustained business growth, and they know that today’s shipping infrastructure would support an expansion of their goals. But the barrier to reaching new customers is simply being unable to speak to them in their own language without investing in new overseas offices and infrastructure.

International SEO could solve all their problems smoothly and less expensively than the route they’re considering. Research shows that 72% of the world’s customers spend most of their time on websites that use the customer’s native language. This means that connecting with new customers in their own language is crucial to engaging new customers, as well as making return customers feel comfortable enough to order from your site again.

Having a website that can recognise when it’s being accessed from a different country and offer content in that country’s language is the way you begin to reach out and build an international customer base.

Take the Correct Steps in a New Market

Every marketing student has heard the horror stories of worldwide brands that made significant blunders on their way to establishing themselves on the world stage. Slogans that were misinterpreted in a foreign language, product names that had to be changed to avoid causing cultural offense, and brands that had problems expressing brand messages clearly.

With the internet lessening the distance between countries and increasing the connections that brands are able to make with customers who don’t speak their language, the availability of many translations of a website is vital in helping expand a brand beyond its original shores.

International SEO enables brands to take the correct steps culturally within a new market. Managers know that: “You can never make another first impression.” This means that brands that don’t make use of the talents of these specialised SEO teams may lose valuable customers from the outset. Speaking to a customer in a language they understand and using terms they’re familiar with helps build a stronger bond with the customer.

Communicate Effectively with Your Neighbours

Brands doing business in Asia have an extra incentive to host a website that can address its customers in the many languages of the region. The short distances between countries provide an international market that is easily engaged to everyone’s benefit. Thailand alone has five countries surrounding it, including Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Vietnam. These countries represent new and exciting markets for a Thailand-based brand to explore.

Primal is an award-winning digital marketing and SEO agency in Bangkok, Thailand. We can provide international SEO services and strategies to help your brand reach across borders and grow your customer base into new countries and territories. Contact us to learn more about the services we offer in assisting brands to expand their business.

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