6 Exciting Ways to Treat Yourself


When was the last time you treated yourself? Not just when you allowed yourself to sit down for ten minutes with a coffee – when you spent an entire evening, day, or weekend entirely on yourself, doing an activity you love? If you can’t even remember the last time, that’s a sure sign that it’s time for a bit of self-love.

Whether you’re stressed from work or you’ve been studying too long, here are six exciting ways to take a break from it all and treat yourself.

1: Get a Food Subscription Box

Delicious food is one of the best ways to treat yourself, which is why a food-focused subscription box works so well. Each month, you get to open a box of goodies, all for you to enjoy!

Do you have a sweet tooth? Then, chocolate subscription boxes are ideal. Try one that’s full of exciting flavors and made up of high-quality chocolate. That way, you can indulge yourself each month while developing more refined taste buds!

What’s more, you can even get holiday-themed chocolates oozing with festive flavors, which make especially indulgent Christmas chocolate gifts. Whether for yourself or a loved one, eventually, you’ll become a certified chocolate connoisseur.

2: Go Shopping for Something You Don’t Need

Shopping for required items is less fun than shopping for something you don’t need. Don’t have a plan before hitting the mall. Instead, let your imagination guide you. You might end up in a homeware store and go home with a unique lampshade. Or, you might spend over an hour perusing books in a bookstore and end up with a brand-new fantasy series to sink your teeth into!

3: Buy a New Outfit and Hit the Town

Has it been too long since you’ve been out with your friends? If so, buy yourself a brand-new outfit and plan a date with all your favorite people. You could go for a meal, watch a show at the theatre, or hit some bars while you catch up.

4: Visit the Aquarium

Aquariums aren’t just for families. Even if you buy a ticket alone, you will have a great time! Plus, getting absorbed by the scenery of swimming fish and other sea life is enough to relax you. If you feel like splurging, remember to visit the gift shop.

5: Plan a Vacation

Everyone needs a vacation from time to time. So, if you feel like really treating yourself, plan your next. Maybe you’ll go snorkeling in the Maldives, hit tons of stores and cafes in a European city, or enjoy a camping trip at the nearest beach.

6: Enjoy a Glass of Wine and a Bubble Bath

Do you feel like staying home? Don’t worry – you don’t have to travel far to treat yourself. Pop a cork of your favorite bottle, run a bubble bath and let the day’s worries melt away. Once the water gets cold, you can finish the bottle with a favorite film or a home-cooked meal!

If you feel the urge for some you-time, don’t put it off. Your body knows best, after all, so listen to it! Whichever way you decide to treat yourself, make sure it’s something you’re doing for yourself.

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