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With effective marketing practices, you need to establish a connection with your audience and then engage them regularly. The more competition your brand has actively vying for the same audience, the more you need to be diligent and creative in reaching your customer base.

Many brands try both online and offline marketing. And while they both have their advantages, when you want to pass along timely information about a new product or clearance sale, you want to reach your audience immediately. With both online and offline marketing, the customer needs to see the ads in order to respond. SMS marketing is different because it sends the ad directly to the customer instead of waiting for them to notice the ads. SMS marketing allows you to reach a large number of your most valuable audience at once and deliver timely messages immediately to raise conversions and sales.

It’s a direct method of marketing that works well for frequent specials and time-sensitive deals and sales. It also works well for regional businesses that seek to keep in close contact with their customer base.

Make Your Marketing Cost-effective

dtac understands the undeniable value of this type of marketing from the marketer’s perspective. You can instantly reach hundreds of targeted individuals with relevant product, service and sales information. You can offer special privileges to valued customers and customise your messages. And you can register new customers for a promotion immediately.

But apart from all the marketing benefits, there are also cost benefits for a new company trying to make a name for itself and establish a customer base through its marketing efforts. SMS marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to get your brand name in the public’s eye. dtac is offering three marketing plans that allow you to expand your marketing reach as your customers expand in number.

For THB 399 per month, you can reach 1,000 of your customers and keep them up to date on your pricing, new products and services, and upcoming sales. This break down to 0.40 baht per message. For THB 1,099 a month, you can send 3,000 messages. This represents 0.37 baht a message, and for THB 2,399 per month, you can send 7,000 messages, which costs you only 0.34 baht per message.

The costs keep dropping the more customers you contact, and any excess messages that go beyond the amount of the three plans cost THB 0.45, 0.40 and 0.40, respectively.

SMS marketing
SMS marketing

Reach All Your Customers

The ability to put a sales message right in the palm of a customer’s hand where they can show it to others is invaluable. With an effective SMS strategy, you can start a buzz among your customer base with a well-timed and attractive offer. This buzz can reach new potential customers that are friends and family members of your customers.

Sign up for one of dtac’s SMS marketing plans and effortlessly engage with the most valuable customers to your brand.

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