Christmas Holidays

The Christmas holidays are approaching, and many celebrations with friends and family around a table full of delicious and abundant dishes. Our body will eat more food during these days, and some of our organs, such as the liver, intestines, and stomach, will increase their activity.

Today in Feeling Good it is Note, we will give you some tips to prepare your body so the excesses of the Christmas holidays parties will not be a problem.

Christmas Holidays

Eat Foods That Are Satiating and High in Fiber

In the days leading up to the Christmas celebrations, choosing foods that are satiating and rich in fiber is advisable to avoid overeating. Add constipation-fighting foods such as quinoa, brown rice, legumes, or kiwi to your dishes.

Organize Weekly Menus

We have several celebrations during the Christmas season in a short space of time: lunches and dinners with the family, others with friends, business dinners, etc. With a weekly menu organization, you can balance the days of heavier meals with other healthier and more balanced ones to compensate for possible excesses.

Do Not Anticipate the Parties

Nougat, marzipan, and other Christmas products are usually available in stores long before December 24, so it is very easy to fall into temptation before the Christmas holidays.

Don’t Eat Your Fill.

During celebrations, it is normal for our attention to focus more on the company than on food, but this can cause us to overeat and feel bloated and tired. One way to avoid this is to put the appetizers on the plate instead of chopping them directly from the source, so you will pay more attention to how much you are eating. Not filling your plate is another way to avoid inattentive overeating. You will always be in time to repeat.

Do Daily Physical Activity

It is unnecessary to do sports every day; on vacation, the body also asks for rest. But try to keep him active every day with light drills or walks of at least 30 minutes. Remember that the practice of sports helps us control the levels of sugar and cholesterol in the body and release endorphins. These neurotransmitters are responsible for making us feel well-being and happiness.

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