Enjoy a Living in a Pet-friendly Condo in Bangkok

Pet-friendly Condo

Being a pet owner can be a frustrating experience if you’re also looking for a condo to buy in Bangkok. The city can be an unkind place to raise a pet. Most of the city’s condos have it written into their bylaws that dogs and cats are not allowed. This is why it’s almost miraculous to discover a development that not only offers pet-friendly, modern and spacious condos in Bangkok, but the condos are in the middle of a forested area that offers a great lifestyle for you and your furry friend.

PETOPIA is Designed for Pet-Lovers

PETOPIA is the name of the concept. It consists of one of the towers in the Whizdom The Forestias development, designed exclusively for pet owners. You can choose a one-bedroom, one-bedroom loft, two-bedroom, or three-bedroom condo in the PETOPIA tower. You can also choose a duplex and forest duplex penthouse or a spacious penthouse condo in the tower and enjoy a forest view of the surroundings.

Your pet will enjoy a pet-sized private door in their new home they can use to access the terrace whenever they choose. Bath time will also be a breeze with the built-in PET SHOWER designed specifically for both humans and their pets. The development also offers PET DAYCARE, which provides professional support when you need help caring for your pet.

There are 294 units within the 43 stories of the PETOPIA tower that are specifically designed for the pet lovers of Bangkok. You and your pet will love living in these condos with their host of design and technology features to make life easier. But as much as your furry friend will love living in the tower, they’ll also love to explore the grounds outside the condo.

Live Among Nature

The three towers of Whizdom The Forestias are situated in a vast wooded and bucolic area that includes residences, villas, serviced apartments, and condominiums, all connected by peaceful trails and pathways through the forested land surrounding the three towers of Whizdom.

The forest environment is The Forestias, a natural environment that also includes health, cultural and community centers, in a central forest pavilion and town center. It will also include shops, office spaces, educational institutes, and 6-star hotels.

The natural environment surrounding the building and structures of Forestias includes streams and water features. It also features lawns where kids and dogs can run free, wide lighted pathways perfect for jogging or strolling, and cool groves of mature trees that offer places to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city for a while. The sprawling 158 forested acres of Forestias is near Bangna-Trad KM7 in Bangkok. It offers clean air and natural living while still providing a short commute to Bangkok.

PETOPIA is designed to be the ideal environment in Bangkok to raise and exist with a furry friend. To find out more details and information about this unique project, contact MQDC today.

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