Disputes: How do you handle family disputes?

Disputes, how to Avoid Family Conflict – Sooner or later, almost everyone thinks about it. How to get rid of conflict, as well as its main causes, will be discussed in this article. As you can see, in most cases disputes are relatively easy to avoid. You just have to be willing to do it. But no one has yet been able to live life to the fullest without conflict. Therefore, it is also important to know how to behave in this case.

 How do you handle family disputes?

The inability to behave properly in conflict is so widespread that making family disputes endless and grandiose has become a “good” tradition for many.

However, there are some simple tips to help you quickly put an end to family disputes that have arisen:

  • You cannot become private … If you start insulting your partner’s personality, this can not only add fuel to the fire but also lead the conflict in a completely different direction and add new ones to existing problems.
  • Physical disability (imaginary or real) cannot be blamed … Especially those that have arisen for reasons beyond human control. After all, a partner is already suffering from this, and getting a “hit on a sore spot” from a person he trusts is treacherous.
  • Parents Are Taboo … During the convention, you should not compare your spouse with your relatives, his or her parents, with your own abusive loved ones. To most of us, they are sacred and inviolable.
  • Do not tolerate disputes in public … In no case should you involve your parents and the other half in resolving conflicts. It is also not advisable to say everything to girlfriends and friends. When everything is turned upside down, it is sometimes impossible to follow the words and the chances of the same being said to members are very high. This will not only provoke another controversy but also leave deep wounds in the soul.
  • Unable to connect children … They love their parents equally and cannot voluntarily take the side of their mother or father (except in exceptional cases). In addition, due to their very little life experience, children will not be able to help find a way out of controversial adult situations. But disputes cause them great harm. In the future, all of this will be reflected in adulthood, to the point that it will be very difficult to trust the opposite sex.
  • You cannot fight in public … Family disputes should be within the family. Evil people will surely try to benefit from public outrage.
  • You should not set a stranger as an example, and even more so your “ex” … It is not without reason that the members chose each other, but not their neighbors. Each has its flaws, and moreover, is often invisible in public.
  • You should in no case weave ineffective sex into controversy.… This is very close for both partners and mistakes, especially in men, are extremely painful.
  • No need to raise your voice and shout … This will not help to prove that you are right and your feelings will only warm-up.
  • Do Not Mention Spiritual Secrets … It is strictly forbidden to blacken soul mates with their personal secrets and secrets, especially if they were revealed voluntarily and voluntarily.
How do you handle family disputes?
How do you handle family disputes?

Adherence to these simple rules will not allow ordinary disputes to develop into scandal or enmity, leading partners to divorce and division of property and children.

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